we’d still be that shining city on the hill

Why read Clubgoldwater.com?

I believe if all America had been thinking, we’d still be that shining city on the hill.

For example:

Legal immigration would have changed laws for expedition. Visas could have been expanded for skilled people and people bringing money for entrepreneurship in America.

Borders south and north would be closed. People seeking to enter would have to apply to the border patrol by filling out a form and getting it stamped. Every person thus registered would simply have to wait for welfare and instate tuition but could work and pay taxes.

Our military would never have been purged and if Benghazi were smuggling guns and supplies from Libya to the so-called moderates in Syria, congress would have been consulted. Permission would have been granted and there would never have been a chaos situation where ambassador and CIA people were killed.

Because there was no security provision…

this White House has to constantly twist itself into a pretzel made up of  lies and denials.

That’s so hard to swallow.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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