America now has a de facto alliance with Iran

When I heard the White House and State Department talk about the Jew killings in France…

as just a “random act”

I was enraged.

…but, it figures.

Obama, whether Muslim or a just a sycophant, is a strong sympathizer with Islam and  will never use the Islamic word to describe the barbarism, brutality, beheading, burying Christian babies alive, raping, mutilating Christian women…

One can say forever that the radicals are not practicing Islam

However,  in their minds –  they are.

Although maybe 10 percent of the world’s Muslim population something to be reckoned with in their various Sunni and Shia manifestations.

It makes sense for the Obama Administration to make believe Jews just happened to be in a kosher supermarket and they weren’t killed because they were Jews but because they were there.

The Obama sycophants were all over on television prostituting themselves and justifying the use of the word “random.”

What if Obama had talked about the reality of European anti-Semitism that mightily helped Hitler.  

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem… He was Hitler’s Muslim right-hand man.

He would then have to admit that was terrorism. Jihad, Hamas and Hezbollah and America’s new ally, Iran.

Nothing comes from Abbas except Hitler hate of Jews wanting them dead yesterday are (of course) the various ideologies of those various aspects within the Muslim Jihadist world. Therefore he cannot go in their face and say his truth because then the Democrat Jews holding public office would not be able to hide behind their lies.  They continue to make believe Obama is not a Jew-hater.  They think that he would never cut off a supply of money for Hillary who will continue the lies and the cover-up re Benghazi

or, everything else

She has been a loyal worker for Obama during his term in Office.

The President is still sticking to his “protocol claim.” He says that it’s improper for Netanyahu to dare come to Congress without his express permission  – as if he is not a President..

…but, a God…

(besides, he hates that  Jew.)

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC Morning Joe, former Republican Congressman from Florida, who’s been blasted plenty by conservatives for thinking outside the box, said that Democrats will be doing Republicans a great favor boycotting Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

He thinks that this will clearly show which Party is pro-Israel and concerned about the exponential rise in hatred of Jews throughout the world.

Scarborough said Israel’s “very existence is at stake and on the line” because of Iran’s nuclear program. The Republican Jewish Coalition should stress that the deeply rooted Democrat Jewish world like Abe Foxman who is calling for a speech cancellation is a Democrat.

We will see if Senator Schumer (D-NY) ever does anything beyond quietly co-sponsoring sanctions against Iran after the March deadline fails. Let’s see if he  actually opens his mouth and blasts Obama for his refusal to face up to the threats against Israel.

Joe continued to list those European countries where Jew-hatred is so open and obvious.

This will expose that Obama’s America now has a de facto alliance with Iran and it’s clear  that this American President prefers the triumph of Shiite over Sunni Islam for the ultimate resolution of the Islamic battle for world leadership.


Contributor- The Bunny Rabbit

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