American Democrat Jews are supporting Israel’s destruction by being Democrats under Obama.

I recently read something from an “honest” reporter…

Israel and the Palestinians:

  • The Israeli defense establishment is moving to produce more armaments at home. According to Israeli media reports, this is “in light of potential boycotts and politically-inspired resupply delays.”


“The full truth, revealed here for the first time, is much more severe: apparently, during Operation Protective Edge, the USA had completely stopped all connections with Israel’s defense procurement delegation based in the USA. For days, no item whatsoever could be shipped. The expected airlift of US ammunition had never even arrived at its point of departure,” according to the report.

And there are more re EU red lines on “settlements” pertaining to West Bank and Greater Jerusalem.


There are possible boycotts.


Clearly it’s my view that Obama and EU are together in the mode to “strangle” Israel as reflective of their mutual hate.  That is why any fair any minded observer must conclude that the Democrat Party is no different than the socialist parties of Europe on the subject of Israel. So the political activities of American Democrat Jews renders their so-called religion a despicable nullity.


The only fair word for a prayer service with them: irrelevance.

And note the attack on the Malaysian airliner was falsely ascribed to Russia or pro-Russian people whereas it was the Kiev government as part of the US and NATO plot to reignite the Cold War and place the Ukrainian Jews under threat from the semi-fascist political forces that run the show in Western Ukraine.  This includes  Kiev and that’s part of the keeping the world’s eyes off the Middle East where Sunni Jihadism (through Islamic State) is growing.


The U.S. appeasement of Iran will facilitate their nuclear bomb.

I think that’s  also part of the drive to eliminate Israel.


American Democrat Jews are supporting Israel’s destruction by being Democrats under Obama.

Contributor  – Bunny Rabbit

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