The historic truths and verities can be burned in the dustbin of history

Remember that movie, “The Manchurian Candidate?”

Do we have a Manchurian President? 

A strong case can be made.  He is always forgetting domestic policy and deliberately treats the Constitution as an irrelevant document. He’s tearing apart the moral fabric of the nation.

Abortion is the quasi religion of the Democrat Party base.

Also, look at his foreign policy.

Now, where are the Christian Democrats to show some kinship with the millions of Christians all over the world facing genocide from the Moslem Nazis?

I guess America is not exceptional after all.  It is a bunch of money-grubbers whose school system is a rotten presentation of pernicious liberalism that is PC in the negative sense of the word. It abhors reason and righteousness and favors class struggle, abortion and only has morality when on the side of dividing every sexual predilection into a new kind of god.

The historic truths and verities can be burned in the dustbin of history so that the evil terrorist forces can achieve their Islamic State and inflict their barbarism on the world. 

Heard someone say that these guys make Genghis Khan look like a schoolboy.

I know the rabbis have utterly failed in their mission for they deal in trite irrelevances and are afraid to get down to the hard issues wherein G-d is either obeyed or ignored.  (I honestly don’t think the niceties of the use or non-use of electricity on the Sabbath – as an example – does not impress G-d)

The same must be true of Christianity because it’s been a long time since there’s been political courage and fighting spirit on the part of the Church except to on occasion prostitute themselves on the Moslem hard-left-altar of BDS.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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