Even the Rabbis completely misunderstand.

First, I’ve heard that there’s a video held by the Los Angeles Times where Obama is heaping praise on a leading Hamas operative.


And, it’s sealed; held in secrecy as if it were Obama’s birth certificate and educational records.


It’s come to where I told a relative that, albeit I’ve been a practicing Jew all my life, that the camel’s back has been broken by several things.


Take the Torah discussion between Aliyahs on Shabbat- with no connection drawn to current events, -what can we learn from Torah and prophets?


Of course, there is the two hundred year old socialist affinity of the Jew in the West, where they are far more concerned with “social progress,” the defeat of capitalism, and America than they are with anything to do with Torah.


Even the Rabbis completely misunderstand.


The degree of neutrality in favor of the Arab extermination of Israel with Israel being to Kerry and Obama an apartheid state. Which means in their minds, that Jews insist on living as Jews must put up with the constant shelling and attacks.  Furthermore,  they are forbidden from striking back in any meaningful way.


The US, UN and EU are united that any acts that would “de-fang” Hamas and kill significant numbers of women and children they use to hide their bombs, rockets and bazookas behind. When they fire, it would result in Obama engaging in vituperation such as one might think Israel were conservative Republicans.


So, I’m fed up after a lifetime with the way:


Rabbis conduct themselves and their congregations.  


Jews and other organizations in general (with their nonsense of petitions to the White House)


and Democrat officials.


Instead of picketing and making clear unalterable opposition to the new Democrat Party (a party that stands for death to Jews and Israel) They are just complicit.

Everything from southern U.S. border to rockets raining on Israel and ISIS destroying Christianity in Iraq is all proceeding to plan.


The people who funded his rise to power are getting the destruction of America and Israel and Christianity…


as they wanted Obama to produce


And, that goes back to the very beginning of this saga.


Contributor  –  Bunny Rabbit

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