So the Republicans lose a seat that could make all the Senate difference.

In the face of unbridled Democrat running the show in violation of Constitution and laws of the United States and the unbridled regulatory interpretation beyond the rule of reason.

This is common sense in the name of the sought for Soviet dictatorship.

It ill-behooves the long-time Republican power broker named Haley Barbour from spitting in the face of the Republican voters of Mississippi who expressed their choice of Chris McDaniel rather than the incumbent Cochran.

But, the mainstream Wall Street operatives like the Obama Democrats (who have the incestuous relationship with crony capitalist green) again- bail out recipients who intend on keeping their fiefdoms.

This leads to failing court challenges to Democrat primary votes being bought. If write-ins are not permitted either, the Republicans in the general election vote Democrat…

…or stay home.

So the Republicans lose a seat that could make all the Senate difference.

On this basis, the Tea Party IS the Republican Party and until my death day I will never again give a penny to the mainstream Republican garbage that has the morality of terrorists.


Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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