The United States is not going to do anything to protect Israel.

Facts are that Israel’s security and survival issues are for the most part antithetical to the social justice, socialist Democrat, ostensibly liberal morality, anti-strength and power in the Obama mold for America that the Democrat Jews holding office and voting in America espouse.

It is fortunate that Israel has a long relationship as a military supplier to India, even in the years when Congress Party ruled (the Nehru Gandhi oligarchy) and took India’s foreign policy pro-Islam and anti-Israel on the world stage. Now that the dominant Hindu Nationalism has its man Modi with a parliamentary majority and a desire to reverse Congress’s neglect of the military in light of China’s push for military hegemony in the region.

The military relationship between India and Israel will be stronger.  Modi and Netanyahu have a good personal relationship and they have the same Islamic enemies to cement it. As long as the Subversive-Socialist-Obama loving-American-Jewish-organizations-and laity restrain their normal predilection to push Israel to two-state suicide.  Giving in to Kerry’s lust to eliminate any vestige of Israeli sovereignty the Indian relationship may come in light of Iran’s soon bomb if not already there and hidden to be the only means of survival for India can threaten Iran with nuclear weapons.

So, don’t you dare try anything on Israel.

So we’ll see…because sure as hell –

The United States is not going to do anything to protect Israel.  Look at how things have gone with Obama’s lust to get out at any cost and after the damage is done there’s nothing to stop ISIS from eliminating both Syria and Iraq as viable states with a chance for the disparate elements to finally come to terms peacefully.

Still waiting for a mea culpa from “W” and the neo-cons.

Contributor –  Bunny Rabbit

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