Government has won game, set, match.

Society is based on culture not on elections, and both the culture and the political structure have been unalterably restructured since the LBJ lie of the Gulf of Tonkin, and truly a war fought so Republicans wouldn’t call Democrats soft on Communism, and by micromanagement Lyndon guaranteed long-term defeat, and the tearing asunder of American society.

Prior to French debacle Vietnam had a religious balance between Catholic concentration in the north and Buddhist in the south, but the armistice lines of 1954 resulted in a million Catholics fleeing south, and so the seeds were sewn of conflict in the South between the religions and the indigenous Viet Cong flowered and grew and planted the seeds of American involvement in a war that to win required American invasion of the north, and bombing Haiphong harbor to the point where Europe could not have economic dealings by sea with the North, and that would have broken the NATO alliance which was the basis of European defense policy against the Soviets.

So the anti-war movement took over the Democrat party and new political, moral and social paradigms became the order of the day.

And then Roe v. Wade and Watergate and soon with a liberal Supreme Court it’s hard to establish what the relationship is between Government and Constitution, and now with Obama conclusion must be that Government has won game, set, match and there is no more Constitution because John Roberts made himself a pretzel to call a penalty a tax under threat of what we don’t know by Obama to force the Court to violate its oath.

Contributor Bunny Rabbit

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