The Environmental Lobby: Sick with hate of America, Capitalism, and our Bill of Rights

Excuses could be made for Bill Clinton’s and Janet Reno’s murders at Ruby Ridge.


However, in Nevada, it was a pure government power grab – For the record: Ranchers get nothing for free and they pay for grazing rights.


As in Central Valley, a worthless fish or worm that nobody wants except the Environmental Lobby, sick with hate of America, Capitalism, and our Bill of Rights, gets water to be flushed out to the ocean instead of the land in central valley where fertile land is denied water.


Hispanics are denied jobs but the “E” lobby comes first.


Here, thanks to Tea party and Libertarians!


They showed their face and their arms to the Bureau of Land Management and they decided to back down.


Never think it’s over –


Indian reservation land is ostensibly owned by Indians, however, they cannot make money by fracking and getting big bucks from American companies because the government says no. The plains Indians on reservations are almost all hungry, unemployed, beset with dying of heat in the summer and cold in the winter.


The G-d-damn Liberals in all their phony concern for needy people do ZERO- ZILCH-NADA for the American Indian. They are the most deprived people in the whole country.


And, where were the mainstream Republicans like Jeb Bush and John McCain?


It wouldn’t hurt if they did something useful once in a while.



Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

One thought on “The Environmental Lobby: Sick with hate of America, Capitalism, and our Bill of Rights

  1. Bill Clinton and Janet Reno had nothing to do with Ruby Ridge, although that is a typical right wing lie. It happened on George H. W. Bush’s watch, and the Attorney General was William P. Barr (a Republican, of course.) The FBI Director for both Ruby Ridge and Waco was Republican William Sessions. The siege on Waco started before Janet Reno was even sworn in. But keep lying. It’s really all you have left.

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