Craven Liberal Submission as Being Capos for the Nazis.

38 countries are in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program whose citizens don’t need a preapproved visa to visit America

This headline on a website talked about a spike in Israelis denied entry into The United States.



Percentages still low but have risen 80% and Israel is denied entry into the 38 Club.



It’s rather obvious. 



Israel is resisting the Obama Kerry drive to force Israel into the “peace” of extermination re Jordan Valley, east Jerusalem, threat of U.S. joining with EU in BDS and encouraging new Intifada.



This is the one where no Arab at the table will accept Israel as a juridical Jewish state is not important to a U.S. Administration that favors Iran’s bomb over Israel’s security.



Chuck Schumer calls on State to end the denial practice…



but does nothing…



threatens nothing…



What the Jews in House and Senate should do if they were Jews and not ‘secular socialist humanists’ is to throw down the gauntlet before Israel is dead as they did not do in Roosevelt’s time and then bore guilt by cowardice and being Democrat for the Holocaust.  And yes, Jewish organizations are doing the same.



Just note: Albert Einstein (taken away from science) was politically a low life Red sympathizer and sycophant.



And that’s why I’m not enamored of the wisdom of orthodox Rabbis. Whether it’s seating or having Aliyahs or reading from Torah or any of the niceties, which mean nothing.  G-d doesn’t give a darn because HIS interest is basic survival and pride and Zionism.



…not the craven liberal submission as being capos for the Nazis.




And that’s not hyperbole.  Just look at how America’s colleges are becoming BDS Muslim centers of death to Jews and Israel.




Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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