Today, the Democrat political establishment is still willing to dump America…

The Republican Jewish Coalition‘s mission statement is to foster and enhance ties between the American Jewish community and Republican decision makers in the United States.  According to its website, the RJC “works to sensitize Republican leadership in government and the party to the concerns and issues of the Jewish community, while articulating and advocating Republican ideas and policies within the Jewish community.”    


They are just wasting time. 


American Jews are Democrat first, last and always and thus Judaism in America is a disgrace.


Quick little point…


In 1953 I was in Brooklyn College on debating and on their debating team. Bieng in the 50’s, one topic focused on Joe McCarthy.  I was still a Jewish liberal in Brooklyn, but when the “pro-Joe” debater chickened-out, I said, “sure, I’ll do it.


I had to figure out what could I say about the guy the liberals hated.  Well, decades before the Venona Project (a counter-intelligence program initiated by the United States Army Signal Intelligence Service (a forerunner of the National Security Agency), Secrets revealed showed that the Roosevelt-Democrat-Party was infiltrated by Stalin.


Top to bottom –


Harry Hopkins to Alger Hiss –


So, I figured it out early- Stalin’s great victory. He got half of Europe, nobody bombed rail lines to concentration camps, (The world literally rejoiced in killing of Jews). I also argued that they had dumped Henry Wallace in 1944 for Harry Truman because Wallace was in essence ‘Red sympathizer’ (he did correct himself before he died).


Dean Acheson drew with Truman the U. S. line of defense in Pacific.


Korea wasn’t included, so Stalin and Mao figured, “Hey, let’s invade!”


…and, they did.


McCarthy may not have been the nicest or sweetest guy in the world, but he saw things that the Liberal-American-Democrat establishment never saw.


This went all he way to the top.


Eisenhower didn’t want to face the facts of how consistently American allies were thrown to those Communist wolves.


Today, the Democrat political establishment is still willing to dump America down the toilet in obeisance to Islam in the name of “multiculturalism.”


“Multiculturalism” is a code word for those who hate our culture. The same culture that won two world wars and made America the guarantor of the world’s freedom and democracy.








Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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