In truth those people, by voting for Obama twice, have made what religion they have a nullity.

Coming from the Holocaust, God made one final miracle: The 1967 war. 


Everything the Arabs did became a mess, Israel did a preemptive strike on Nasser’s Air Force.  King Hussein believed Nasser’s lies and got into the war.  It was a miracle, maybe an analogy with creation. 


Also took six days.


As with the Golden Calf, the Jews found a way to mess it up, so in 1973 near annihilation.  Nixon’s airlift saved them. 


But, some are still Democrat.


They voted for Obama. 



Every Obama act internationally has been the promotion of Brotherhood Islam, the systematic renunciation of America’s role in the world as superpower, leading from behind is a euphemism for abandonment of  allies, support of enemies, making America a non-power. 


He is the person chosen by the anti-American forces to take power and accomplish the ultimate ‘negativization’ of America.


And that includes ‘BDS’ on Israel and the collective foreign policy of John Kerry, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Hillary Clinton to reduce Israel externally to impotence and encourage the internal civil war of religion vs. secularism.


But the orthodox Rabbis still hold the great peril is driving to synagogue on Shabbat and women putting on tephillin and, God Forbid, reading from the Torah and being counted for a minyan During  Shabbat discussions they discuss how many souls a person might have and various anthropomorphisms… but they never discuss the existential threat of why DEMOCRAT PARTY POLICY IS NOW DIRECTED TO ENDING AMERICA’S LEADERSHIP ROLE IN THE WORLD


This may cause the ending of America and ending Israel.. but not only the death to Judaism.

Discussion about the support for the Brotherhood in the United States is unlikely and moot -and is disturbingly silent on the subject of Christian genocide of  in the Moslem world.


(That’s my next message to the Christian world.)


So face it, 60 years ago when I was 18 if I had known what American Judaism would be in only 60 years hence,  I would not have devoted my non-orthodox life to being a loyal supporter of God, Torah and Israel.


 In truth those people, by voting for Obama twice, have made what Judaism they have a nullity.

Contributor- BUNNY RABBIT

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