Obama, Kerry, Clinton and company will fulfill their mission

Remember the books Bill Ayers wrote for Obama. They were just like Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which everybody chose to ignore. 

Obama’s mission is to make the revolution from inside, from holding office to achieve his goal.  With Eric Holder, there are no more states; federal orders trump everything and where Congress and the Constitution interfere why the executive branch just does it alone.  


The founders made the judiciary only to handle cases and here there are no cases, only legislation that lets agencies like the EPA destroy our country’s economy.


And, as for Iran, it is not weakness. 


It is the deliberate aid and assistance to make one branch of Islam the hegemon, the better to destroy Israel. The Moslem Brotherhood and their adjuncts have a place of honor in the White House but the Sunnis are divided with their Jihadists too often fighting each other, Islam is better served with the Shia of Iran soon to have the nuclear bomb to exterminate Israel.


At 78 years old I’ve never been so fed up with the branches of Judaism still talking the religion like the Catholic equivalent of how many angels can fit on the end of a pin while this government appeases everything that serves the cause of see Egypt for genocide of Coptic Christians and Obama, Kerry, Clinton and company will fulfill their mission: destroy Israel.


Never have I been so frustrated at my own kind’s abject blind Socialist Democrat ideology is paramount. No matter how damn religious they are– the useless kind of religion that appeased Roosevelt’s acquiescence in the Holocaust then and the Democrats in House and Senate, the Jewish ones, playing their games do the same thing.


That’s worse than ignorance


Just as how the two kingdoms died.


So too is Judaism in America today.


Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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