Today, the Democrat political establishment is still willing to dump America…

The Republican Jewish Coalition‘s mission statement is to foster and enhance ties between the American Jewish community and Republican decision makers in the United States.  According to its website, the RJC “works to sensitize Republican leadership in government and the party to the concerns and issues of the Jewish community, while articulating and advocating Republican ideas and policies within the Jewish community.”    


They are just wasting time. 


American Jews are Democrat first, last and always and thus Judaism in America is a disgrace.


Quick little point…


In 1953 I was in Brooklyn College on debating and on their debating team. Bieng in the 50’s, one topic focused on Joe McCarthy.  I was still a Jewish liberal in Brooklyn, but when the “pro-Joe” debater chickened-out, I said, “sure, I’ll do it.


I had to figure out what could I say about the guy the liberals hated.  Well, decades before the Venona Project (a counter-intelligence program initiated by the United States Army Signal Intelligence Service (a forerunner of the National Security Agency), Secrets revealed showed that the Roosevelt-Democrat-Party was infiltrated by Stalin.


Top to bottom –


Harry Hopkins to Alger Hiss –


So, I figured it out early- Stalin’s great victory. He got half of Europe, nobody bombed rail lines to concentration camps, (The world literally rejoiced in killing of Jews). I also argued that they had dumped Henry Wallace in 1944 for Harry Truman because Wallace was in essence ‘Red sympathizer’ (he did correct himself before he died).


Dean Acheson drew with Truman the U. S. line of defense in Pacific.


Korea wasn’t included, so Stalin and Mao figured, “Hey, let’s invade!”


…and, they did.


McCarthy may not have been the nicest or sweetest guy in the world, but he saw things that the Liberal-American-Democrat establishment never saw.


This went all he way to the top.


Eisenhower didn’t want to face the facts of how consistently American allies were thrown to those Communist wolves.


Today, the Democrat political establishment is still willing to dump America down the toilet in obeisance to Islam in the name of “multiculturalism.”


“Multiculturalism” is a code word for those who hate our culture. The same culture that won two world wars and made America the guarantor of the world’s freedom and democracy.








Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

In truth those people, by voting for Obama twice, have made what religion they have a nullity.

Coming from the Holocaust, God made one final miracle: The 1967 war. 


Everything the Arabs did became a mess, Israel did a preemptive strike on Nasser’s Air Force.  King Hussein believed Nasser’s lies and got into the war.  It was a miracle, maybe an analogy with creation. 


Also took six days.


As with the Golden Calf, the Jews found a way to mess it up, so in 1973 near annihilation.  Nixon’s airlift saved them. 


But, some are still Democrat.


They voted for Obama. 



Every Obama act internationally has been the promotion of Brotherhood Islam, the systematic renunciation of America’s role in the world as superpower, leading from behind is a euphemism for abandonment of  allies, support of enemies, making America a non-power. 


He is the person chosen by the anti-American forces to take power and accomplish the ultimate ‘negativization’ of America.


And that includes ‘BDS’ on Israel and the collective foreign policy of John Kerry, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Hillary Clinton to reduce Israel externally to impotence and encourage the internal civil war of religion vs. secularism.


But the orthodox Rabbis still hold the great peril is driving to synagogue on Shabbat and women putting on tephillin and, God Forbid, reading from the Torah and being counted for a minyan During  Shabbat discussions they discuss how many souls a person might have and various anthropomorphisms… but they never discuss the existential threat of why DEMOCRAT PARTY POLICY IS NOW DIRECTED TO ENDING AMERICA’S LEADERSHIP ROLE IN THE WORLD


This may cause the ending of America and ending Israel.. but not only the death to Judaism.

Discussion about the support for the Brotherhood in the United States is unlikely and moot -and is disturbingly silent on the subject of Christian genocide of  in the Moslem world.


(That’s my next message to the Christian world.)


So face it, 60 years ago when I was 18 if I had known what American Judaism would be in only 60 years hence,  I would not have devoted my non-orthodox life to being a loyal supporter of God, Torah and Israel.


 In truth those people, by voting for Obama twice, have made what Judaism they have a nullity.

Contributor- BUNNY RABBIT

Obama, Kerry, Clinton and company will fulfill their mission

Remember the books Bill Ayers wrote for Obama. They were just like Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which everybody chose to ignore. 

Obama’s mission is to make the revolution from inside, from holding office to achieve his goal.  With Eric Holder, there are no more states; federal orders trump everything and where Congress and the Constitution interfere why the executive branch just does it alone.  


The founders made the judiciary only to handle cases and here there are no cases, only legislation that lets agencies like the EPA destroy our country’s economy.


And, as for Iran, it is not weakness. 


It is the deliberate aid and assistance to make one branch of Islam the hegemon, the better to destroy Israel. The Moslem Brotherhood and their adjuncts have a place of honor in the White House but the Sunnis are divided with their Jihadists too often fighting each other, Islam is better served with the Shia of Iran soon to have the nuclear bomb to exterminate Israel.


At 78 years old I’ve never been so fed up with the branches of Judaism still talking the religion like the Catholic equivalent of how many angels can fit on the end of a pin while this government appeases everything that serves the cause of see Egypt for genocide of Coptic Christians and Obama, Kerry, Clinton and company will fulfill their mission: destroy Israel.


Never have I been so frustrated at my own kind’s abject blind Socialist Democrat ideology is paramount. No matter how damn religious they are– the useless kind of religion that appeased Roosevelt’s acquiescence in the Holocaust then and the Democrats in House and Senate, the Jewish ones, playing their games do the same thing.


That’s worse than ignorance


Just as how the two kingdoms died.


So too is Judaism in America today.


Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

So, it’s time that the Orthodox world decides to get in the trenches and fight for Israel.

Always and forever the reform Jewish families that run the Times have been Jew-hating, Quisling Democrats and were collaborators in the Holocaust with Roosevelt.


It’s the same today as it was yesterday with every damn Democrat who’s ever run for President. 


And be it known the American Jew from the most orthodox to the most “who gives a damn” type has spit in God’s face with their politics. 


And on that basis, the prayer book is a thousand-plus many centuries old and irrelevant and does not speak to God and Torah study is irrelevant because it never gets real. Today’s Democrat Jew office holders are just willing Obama stooges whose loyalty to Judaism consists of postponing the Obama-Kerry-Clinton push to render Israel beset by no secure borders. A new terrorist state looms in the dead of night nearby waiting to enter their proverbial bedroom. Israeli troops are not in charge of Jordan Valley and East Jerusalem.

So, it’s time that the Orthodox world decides to get in the trenches and fight for Israel.

Contributor  – Bunny Rabbit