Obama has never told the Moslem world to recognize Israel

One story-line on the Drudge Report…

“Panetta: USA may have to use military force”
It’s a report on Leon Panetta’s speech to about 600 at the ADL’s 100th annual meeting where panoplying the world’s danger spots and various threats. Former defense secretary Panetta said that the U.S. may well have to use military force against Iran if sanctions are not sufficient. He was also introduced by Chuck Hagel who gave Panettaa warm introduction

Remember the opposition to Hagel when appointed to the job re Israel.


Also, big hero welcome to Samantha Power re: her stalwart support of Israel at UN.

My comment: These are meaningless words to keep Jewish liberals happy with assurances they’re happy to hear to stay in Democrat pocket.

Here’s reality: Obama supports Morsi. He cut off aid to the Egyptian army and the secular majority that does not want Sunni mullahs to run Egypt as Shia mullahs run Iran.

The U.S. is full-bore appeasing Iran – Obama knows the talks are a fraud allowing Iran more time for plutonium as well as uranium bomb.

In light of Benghazi drone attacks on Taliban leaders politically were profitable to Obama but that’s all.

Israel’s security hinges on Egyptian army clearing out Al Qaeda and Iranian terrorist influence in Sinai to build barrier to the Arab aimed Sinai Gaza front to take care of eliminating southern Israel as a viable population and economic entity.
Obama’s pressure is pre-1967 borders, meaning Auschwitz borders!


His message is to starve the damn Jews to death and give Abbas the Jordan Valley with the mountainous spine. That is the only natural barrier against Arab invasion from the east coupled with Sinai and Gaza. Unleashing Hezbollah from the North to do a three-front war of extermination against Israel.

The American Jewish world from atheist to orthodox with their politics is not any better morally than the idolatrous Israel and Judean kings who worshipped Baal instead of God. Today, they worship Democrat abortion and permit themselves to be manipulated by their ideology calling into question whether they’re Israel’s friends or enemies.

Israel cannot be allowed to be Dien Bien Phu to be conquered because they have no high ground.

And Obama has never told the Moslem world to recognize Israel de jure and stop the dream of right of return – the millions of Arab progeny never incorporated into the Arab world must be incorporated.


Liberal Jewish politics is an abomination to God.



Contributor- Bunny Rabbit

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