We are a people who have chosen government welfare to be preferable to freedom.

Obama, as bad as the financial crisis was, still had to lie and cover up his extremist radical connections. The Democratic media which is the vast majority of it in all technologies never had to answer the basic question of natural born citizen but which by definition having a father who was a citizen subject of another nation Obama could never have been President.

In my lifetime, for the office of President and Governor and perhaps Senator, the voting machine would have Socialist, Communist, Trotskyite, Industrial Government candidates for these offices on the very bottom of the voting machine where they would receive their handful of votes.

However, in my lifetime the infiltration of the Democratic Party from the Vietnam era has been complete and all the fringe candidates of the fringe parties are now the legitimate primary winners and general election winning candidates of the ruling Democratic Party.

And today, the winner of the New York City Mayoral primary Bill DeBlasio. He is a proud Sandinista who loves Ortega’s Nicaragua and vacations in Cuba. Worse, he has his crown princess Bertha Lewis of ACORN vote fraud fame introduce him at rallies with pride.

Given ObamaCare…

and the debt ceiling…

and, fiscal policy in general…

We get nothing substantive from the Republican Party which is so bereft of vision, mission and ideology.

There’s never an overriding mission statement with philosophical underpinnings that give people desperate for an anchor to beach a sinking ship to hold onto with forthright statements. There needs to be an explanation of the constitution of the United States… the separation of powers and division of powers and Tenth Amendment as anathema to the Democratic Party. It like having Jewish professors in German universities was anathema to the Nazi Party in Germany.

Anyone who just came to America and who had studied abroad American law and constitutional practice would swear by the heavens that he or she was in a parallel universe as one listens to an opposition that knows it’s wasting its time. These people are not the people who fought in Normandy or Korea.  We are a people who have chosen government welfare to be preferable to freedom. The people no longer understand the American tradition – just look at the last 30 years of liberal education.


Contributor -Bunny Rabbit



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