God’s time and various manifestations in the universe.

Age of the universe, 15 billion or less than 6,000 re: Hebrew calendar.

Rabbi Yosef Bitton said some bright things re interpretation of Hebrew words early on in the first verses of Bareshit, and I’ve always taken the view that the six days refer to geologic epochs each of near infinite length. Year 1 of 5774, tracking from 2013, would be 3761.  So maybe God finding Abraham or Abraham finding God or something in that order -for before there were ancient civilizations maybe not so civilized for a long period of time.

But just now, it hit me what Einstein had said about time travel and the speed of light.
In the supposed space ship traveling at almost the speed of light time would pass infinitely slowly. The speed of light is the ultimate limit of speed in the universe, and at the speed of light itself time would not pass at all.

And that would flesh out with the concept of “God’s time.”

And so the example is taking uniform translation into account if a human is in a space ship by nuclear or ionic propulsion not chemical fuels at or near the speed of light he may travel millions of light years and yet age only moderately, say a year or less. Being in uniform translation traveling the same speed as the vehicle because he is the vehicle, and upon return to earth, earth having maintained earth speed around the sun and earth time countless eons might have passed and earth may even have been destroyed by nuclear war or an asteroid and the space ship with the occupant would have no place to land and continue its existence.

So that way it all can make sense, but not in the sense of religiously using earth time to measure the speed of light God’s time and its various manifestations in the universe.

So if you want to keep holding to that, fine, but don’t expect to get any converts who have been educated in science for the last several hundred years, and you do yourself much harm when you stress such things and not the important parts of religion which are supposed to teach good versus evil, that government is to serve man not the reverse It’s time we learned that evil is to be exterminated rather than appeased as is always the case in the Western World where the barbarities of Communism, Nazism and now Islam are appeased and excused.


Moreover,  too many moneyed leaders in the Western World have such self-hate or simply hatred of the West that they use their money and power to install the current fashion of their preferred dictatorship in the name of THE NEW WORLD ORDER.


For that organized religion, be it Judaism or Christianity, is less than useless for they abet by fear and cowardice such fashionable ideologies.

And most readers don’t even understand what I’m saying.


Contributor  – Bunny Rabbit

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