Obama says the answer is 5

Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and even before Vietnam cannot be blamed on the Jews.
Now the Syrian situation with the Jewish organizations in all shades of liberal opinion from Republican to Democrat are hysterically supporting the President to bomb Assad. Not knowing whether or not it’s Brotherhood and Al Qaeda that runs a firing squad on unarmed Government troops like those Holocaust pictures of Jews.

So what’s the difference between that and Zyklon D gas of the Nazis? Was Assad stupid enough to do it or is it Brotherhood and Al Qaeda running the resistance for Sunni Islam?

So Israel has an interest in staying out of it, only responding to direct attacks on its Golan territory.

If there are American boots on the ground, these American Jewish organizations will have produced domestic American anti-Semitism, hurt Israel, and simply kept themselves in the role as ‘Lackeys” of the Hard-Core-Socialist-Liberal-Democrat-Party.


The blood enemy of the Constitution of the United States.

And, the most ironic thing is that these idiots from AIPAC on down think they’re the most moral people in the world.

Like I’ve always said, in the intellectual American world of all religions today, add 2 and 2….

and by heaven, Obama says the answer is 5!



Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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