Runs completely counter to the truth of Torah

I have written often of the constant Holocaust victimization of the Jew and note today with the Enlightenment of two hundred plus years ago and Western Europe’s drift into socialism the problem is one that Jews constantly respond to in improper fashion.

What I mean is the Catholic Church and the evangelical Protestant churches now see things properly. It is the mainstream Protestant churches, Anglican (Episcopalian), Presbyterian, some Methodist, Church of Christ – what is generically known as the leftist Protestant establishment that has completely imbibed not the old traditional anti-Semitism and Jew hatred but the new BDS based on the Arab propaganda machine which wreaks its way through the world to do Hitler’s work.

Never forget, the left end of the Democrat Party is Obama’s sycophants of Islam and the new Jew haters. The old saw of conversion is no longer extant and rather as I’ve always made a point of saying today Israel’s only friends are the right wing Christian evangelicals and most liberal American Jews and throughout the world are actually enemies of Jewish survival because they buy into the ideology of communism, socialism and the concept of redistribution by the state, that government is the instrument of Tzedakah.

That runs completely counter to the truth of Torah that the ethics and morality constitute in the Covenant the relationship of God and man, not government to control. Oppress man, but sadly the vast majority of Jews desecrate that truth and meaning

So, disaster is always on the horizon and Messiah is always impossible to come because liberal Jewish ideology is destructive of everything contained in Torah and Covenant as it relates to Zionism and Jewish People-hood as a universal nation.

The Rabbis don’t get it either, or if they do they are afraid to speak as I do.

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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