Sent to New York Post…The Fruits of Brain Washing

Looking at headline from the letters submited to the New York Post:


“Two-state solution only course for Israel to remain democrat and Jewish”


From a bunch of liberals with Jewish names.

Do these letter writers have any awareness of the PA (Fatah) schools and the Hamas schools and the Hezbollah schools where every Arab kid from birth is taught to kill the Jew, that suicide bombing guarantees entry into Paradise?

That no Arab leader can recognize the Zionist entity as a de jure Jewish state to live in peace with except Jordan’s king who exists on a tightrope with the Islamic noose growing tighter and tighter?



Remember Anwar Sadat who almost killed Israel in 1973 (but, for Nixon’s resupply effort) who Al Qaeda (Moslem Brotherhood) killed in 1981.

Have any of these writers taken a look at the West Bank (Judea and Samaria)? It would help them understand the geography that ensures that an Arab state in that territory.  Also, study the Gaza experience with the evacuation which created a Hamas terrorist base. Israel’s long-term extermination for security will be impossible to maintain without practically maintaining a garrison state with more security checkpoints.  There are sticks to signify them on a map, and still, to the Arab, it’s a way station until they are strong enough to kill the whole damn Zionist entity.

Have any of these writers taken the trouble to understand how the political structure of the Arab representatives in the Knesset constitute an acknowledged Fifth Column?



The shibboleth of democracy keeps them sitting there more like Abbas’ spokespersons than Arab Israeli representatives.

And just look at Egypt today. The Brotherhood is out to genocide the Christian Copts, and the Army and the non-Islamists who don’t want theological dictatorship don’t givea damn about the Christians either.



The Copts will have the Jewish experience, to flee or die.

Remember ‘47 and ‘48 and thereafter the existence of Israel making it possible for the million Middle Eastern Jews to have a place to go to and not be Holocausted?

Such is the difficulty of dealing with reality when your liberal Jewish reality constitutes voting Democrat for Obama and mouthing the New York Times “anti-Israel” editorial page.



Contributor- Bunny Rabbit