..and that’s the “Two-State Solution.”

Christian Arabs in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) are under pressure from the Church which is taking orders from the Muslim Establishment.

Finally, the Israeli Government has stepped in against the literal treason of the Muslim Arab members of the Knesset who because they’re within the green line can sit as traitors and act as The Fifth Column in democratic Israel.

So, contrary to the leftist Nazi lies of the Protestant left’s Israel hating in America, the Christian Arabs want to fight for Israel but when they do they subject themselves to intimidation and physically worse. The Muslim establishment will under no circumstances recognize the right of the Jewish state to even exist.

Yet every American President of both parties has always beat the drums for Israel to set up a “terrorist state” right on its borders that could at any moment render life intolerable and impossible.

They would finish Hitler’s job.

…and that’s the “Two-State Solution” when you look at it clearly and geographically.

Contributor- Bunny Rabbit

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