The Zimmerman prosecutors should be disbarred.

Alan Dershowitz said that the Zimmerman prosecutors should be disbarred.

Why did he say that?

Because the theory of law on which the prosecution was based was thoroughly at odds with the facts of the case.

As Alan put it when you prosecute on the basis of ideology instead of a proper view of the facts of the case and guiding your legal judgment accordingly you get these results.

What Alan, no Jewish neocon conservative is he – Harvard Law professors are liberal – but in his case honest – determined- is that for justice to obtain you must find the law that fits the facts.

On that basis, something in New York on the basis of the homicide statutes in the Penal Law would exclude the A felony of murder in the first degree -which is of a police officer. Murder in the second degree, which is also an A felony, requires causing the death of another person with the intent to do so. Then, manslaughter in the first degree requires with intent to cause serious physical injury he causes the death of said person.

It happened, but there was no intent to kill or to cause serious physical injury. There is then manslaughter second, which is recklessly causing the death of another person. Included in that are th abortion clauses and that’s a “C felony,” quite lower than “A level” sentences and lower than that is the “class E felony” of criminally negligent homicide. With criminal negligence, he causes the death of that person and that’s an “E felony.” The sentence is lower still.

So those were the New York statutes in the 90s.

And given the facts of the Zimmerman case and ignoring the self-defense of justification, and the Florida stand your ground statute…

Under the facts in New York, the charge would have been manslaughter second or criminally negligent.

So therefore it is clear that this was a political indictment by a special prosecutor responding to black pressure for revenge to take historic measure of the lynchings of blacks in the past (which whites got away with)

However, according to American law, each case is supposed to be considered individually.

And finally, just note how in a world where there was justice Al Sharpton would be a felon for his advocacy of Harlem violence when it came to that Jewish owned store (Freddy’s) where there was a killing. Remember, He called the Jewish Storekeeper an “interloper.”


Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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