Single issue lobbies have no respect or regard for anything other than their own aggrandizement

In the past even when one passionately disagreed and was appalled at another’s views and vision for society, it was usually possible to be sure that both proponents wanted what is best for American society and people in their view with no mental reservation nor with lust for power transcending every other consideration.

But, alas, today we have liberal hatred for American history and our social norms with single issue lobbies having no respect or regard for anything other than their own aggrandizement.

Not even getting to Islamic influence in the Democratic Party as it and socialist reality are in a marriage of sorts to debase Judeo-Christian values in the name of the New World Order, one has only to ask the question, “Why did not the conservative and traditional worlds embrace the concept that gays could have civil unions with full legal rights re trusts and estates, ownership of property, and the various appurtenances that are consonant with citizenship in a civil society?”

Had that been the case had the gay world accepted the sacred juxtaposition of majority rule and minority rights which used to be the keystone of American political science, Justices would not now be tearing apart in the name of non-discrimination (a false name) the very foundations of society.

Contributor- Bunny Rabbit



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