Illegals will be legal and Democrat

As long as the media of all technologies are Obama’s “Charlie McCarthy” the electorate stays as low information voters (polite way of saying brain washed).

Just look at DREAM legislation. Just heard Republican efforts along those lines can pass the House but will die in the Senate because the purpose of DREAM and its legalization has one purpose alone:

illegals will be legal and Democrat.

They will thank the Democrats and vote for the Democrats.

The whole point of Obama and Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky and the whole Moslem-Red-Fascist nexus that provided the money for him to get into politics has the one purpose.






The only fair reading of our society is Roman Empire Part II, and we’re in the penultimate stage of deterioration.
That’s why even the right side of religion in America is a joke not even getting to the left side which had spit in God’s face for almost forever.
The problem and “death rattle” is so much bigger than just social issues and thought regarding morally.

Valid as they all are.


So we’ll get continuing resolutions and Obama’s rules

House Seeks To Slash Appropriation For Ambitious EPA

The House of Representatives is considering a bill that would cut the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by more than one-third in 2014, only a year after attempting to pass a more modest 17 percent budget cut.

All Boehner and Cantor and Ryan and a few other leaders have to do is call a press conference and simply say:

“We are Article I of the Constitution that Obama and the Democrats haven’t repealed us yet so from now on re debt ceiling and continued funding for the government continuing resolutions start with the cuts we’re making to the agencies that violate the constitution and sense of American law every day of the week. (They don’t even take off on Sundays) The leftist media can go straight to hell but America is going to become another Red Fascist Detroit that the Democrats want over our dead bodies.
But they won’t say that… So we’ll get continuing resolutions and Obama’s rules.

And, Obama’s rules,rule. 

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

“Leadership” of the Republican Party (notice leadership is in quotes)

Liberal and racist, I think Obama hides it very well. He knows he is aided and abetted by the subversive mainstream media that would love to see conservative Jews, blacks and Republicans stoned to death and/or metaphorically burned at the stake.

There is an absolute mockery of the political process that is profoundly aided and abetted by the worthless Republican crowd that is headed by McCain, Rubio, and Graham, of the Gang of Eight.

All my life and all my money to the Republicans and Conservatives has been a bloody waste.

As Egypt and Turkey and Syria have no more Jews to kill now, it’s the Christians and the Republican garbage that just cannot speak truth to power.

Instead they crawl and cave to the whole damn “Leadership” of the Republican Party (notice leadership is in quotes).

And they will cave again on the debt ceiling, immigration and taxes. They are so stupid about it all and the vast American public will still think that they are the bad guys,

…and the same applies to reversing ObamaCare.

Contributor: Bunny Rabbit



..and that’s the “Two-State Solution.”

Christian Arabs in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) are under pressure from the Church which is taking orders from the Muslim Establishment.

Finally, the Israeli Government has stepped in against the literal treason of the Muslim Arab members of the Knesset who because they’re within the green line can sit as traitors and act as The Fifth Column in democratic Israel.

So, contrary to the leftist Nazi lies of the Protestant left’s Israel hating in America, the Christian Arabs want to fight for Israel but when they do they subject themselves to intimidation and physically worse. The Muslim establishment will under no circumstances recognize the right of the Jewish state to even exist.

Yet every American President of both parties has always beat the drums for Israel to set up a “terrorist state” right on its borders that could at any moment render life intolerable and impossible.

They would finish Hitler’s job.

…and that’s the “Two-State Solution” when you look at it clearly and geographically.

Contributor- Bunny Rabbit

The Zimmerman prosecutors should be disbarred.

Alan Dershowitz said that the Zimmerman prosecutors should be disbarred.

Why did he say that?

Because the theory of law on which the prosecution was based was thoroughly at odds with the facts of the case.

As Alan put it when you prosecute on the basis of ideology instead of a proper view of the facts of the case and guiding your legal judgment accordingly you get these results.

What Alan, no Jewish neocon conservative is he – Harvard Law professors are liberal – but in his case honest – determined- is that for justice to obtain you must find the law that fits the facts.

On that basis, something in New York on the basis of the homicide statutes in the Penal Law would exclude the A felony of murder in the first degree -which is of a police officer. Murder in the second degree, which is also an A felony, requires causing the death of another person with the intent to do so. Then, manslaughter in the first degree requires with intent to cause serious physical injury he causes the death of said person.

It happened, but there was no intent to kill or to cause serious physical injury. There is then manslaughter second, which is recklessly causing the death of another person. Included in that are th abortion clauses and that’s a “C felony,” quite lower than “A level” sentences and lower than that is the “class E felony” of criminally negligent homicide. With criminal negligence, he causes the death of that person and that’s an “E felony.” The sentence is lower still.

So those were the New York statutes in the 90s.

And given the facts of the Zimmerman case and ignoring the self-defense of justification, and the Florida stand your ground statute…

Under the facts in New York, the charge would have been manslaughter second or criminally negligent.

So therefore it is clear that this was a political indictment by a special prosecutor responding to black pressure for revenge to take historic measure of the lynchings of blacks in the past (which whites got away with)

However, according to American law, each case is supposed to be considered individually.

And finally, just note how in a world where there was justice Al Sharpton would be a felon for his advocacy of Harlem violence when it came to that Jewish owned store (Freddy’s) where there was a killing. Remember, He called the Jewish Storekeeper an “interloper.”


Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

Single issue lobbies have no respect or regard for anything other than their own aggrandizement

In the past even when one passionately disagreed and was appalled at another’s views and vision for society, it was usually possible to be sure that both proponents wanted what is best for American society and people in their view with no mental reservation nor with lust for power transcending every other consideration.

But, alas, today we have liberal hatred for American history and our social norms with single issue lobbies having no respect or regard for anything other than their own aggrandizement.

Not even getting to Islamic influence in the Democratic Party as it and socialist reality are in a marriage of sorts to debase Judeo-Christian values in the name of the New World Order, one has only to ask the question, “Why did not the conservative and traditional worlds embrace the concept that gays could have civil unions with full legal rights re trusts and estates, ownership of property, and the various appurtenances that are consonant with citizenship in a civil society?”

Had that been the case had the gay world accepted the sacred juxtaposition of majority rule and minority rights which used to be the keystone of American political science, Justices would not now be tearing apart in the name of non-discrimination (a false name) the very foundations of society.

Contributor- Bunny Rabbit