Harry Reid is still Majority Leader because of the “flight to purity” ignors the necessities of reality.

At 77, I’ve been a Goldwater conservative since as a youngster I outgrew the leftist manifestations of Roosevelt Democrats, the paper PM, I.F. Stone, New York’s American Labor Party and Vito Marcantonio.

I have donated to conservative causes and candidates all my life far more than I could afford

I also know this simple truth: a conservative who can win in South Carolina cannot enunciate the same vision and win in Delaware!

Thus, Harry Reid is still Majority Leader because of the “flight to purity” ignors the necessities of reality.

This also applies to social issues.

You can make a political and legal and moral case for banning late-term abortion. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg is expressing concern that Roe v. Wade had no limitations. Given that many American liberal pro-choice people think that abortion is only legal in the beginning of the cycle, they were shocked to see what the Gosnell trial was all about.

That proves the point I’ve made all my life, that political smarts blended with conservative economics and fiscal and monetary policies must be blended with tailoring everything to growth and fairness, that fairness is not Obama’s confiscatory view of taxing the middle class to death by strange usage of words like rich in the tradition that began with Roosevelt’s populism and such terms as malefactors of great wealth in the 30s when truth be told his policies prolonged the Depression and the recession of 1937 after reelection was the direct result of taxing and spending policies reflecting a bias toward government and not the supply side philosophy of the private sector encouraged by free market and free enterprise and strict limitations of government.

I rage at the 2012 election thrown by Romney and the Republicans by not exploiting 9/11/12 and Benghazi and asking why the lie that killing Osama meant the end of Al Qaeda was not countered. Whywas not the overcrowded helicopter with the Seals unit that crashed and killed all the operatives in the Osama take out- not made a cause celebre to demand the truth from this Administration.

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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