All Jews have been presumed to mean it when they say “Chai zum Leben” and profess deep compassion & love of life.

I know it’s been hard over the years to be and stay a Jew.

Plenty of blood and guts. Now we can’t turn back the clock, you’re divided as never before in terms of politics and economics and devotion to the Torah and learning Hebrew or just reading it but in all aspects of Jewish life from the most no God allowed to the most Torah observant Jew with Shabbat and the eruv and you know the drill, you’ve heard it in different forms from Rabbis of all persuasions some of whom I approve of and many of whom I abhor but here’s why I’m writing –

All Jews have been presumed to mean it when they say Chai zum Leben and profess deep compassion and love of life.
However, let’s talk about abortion from conception to delivery and abortifacients (the realm of birth control pills).
Look at Hadassah hospital in Israel and hospitals in general – look at the extra effort expended to save a baby’s life, now they can even do transplants on tiny infants, spending inordinate amounts of money and skill.

But what goes here?

Choice, reproductive rights, a woman’s freedom, Roe v. Wade – now it’s gone too far. Come before the end of the first trimester all the organs are formed, the baby has feelings of hunger and pain and whatever, so after a month science has taught us abortion is wrong, should have the baby, put it up for adoption – how many Jewish women need the services of A Time because they can’t conceive?
And it pains me greatly that whenever there’s middle class liberal Jewish women there’s deep-rooted support for abortion and voting for the practitioners of late term abortion – just look at the Gosnell trial – a full-term baby is aborted and still lives and then is killed to fulfill the abortion – Call it by Planned Parenthood, or Democratic Party liberalism, or women’s reproductive rights – all have forgotten that if you don’t want to get pregnant you follow the Torah teaching of when to have sex and when to abstain –that’s taught in Torah—and so from atheist to orthodox you are on your own –

You in your liberal Democrat Socialist wisdom have been a great disappointment to me, and so until the end you are destined to screw up and suffer, AND YOU RABBIS GET REAL AND DO YOUR JOB

…which by and large you have grossly failed to do.

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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