That sadly is the truth and every day anyone with intelligence should see the end days of the Roman Empire in today’s America.

From the time the politicians on a bipartisan basis eliminated the draft because they thought it would improve the quality of the military because only patriotic committed people would seek to join and they completely ignored the consequences.

In a democracy when you in essence create a professional military without the authoritarian power that goes with the military in a non-democracy, one of the results being—next to nobody in the Congress has ever served in the military. The country is becoming more and more the Atheism-Communism-and-Abortion country.

Obama will see it to its full fruition and this country will shortly have no constitution or Bill of Rights. We are today governed, in essence, by the syndicalism of big government, big business, and the labor establishment -which, when needed, provides the people on the ground to do intimidation when a brave governor seeks to curb the power of the government labor unions.

That sadly is the truth and every day anyone with intelligence should see the end days of the Roman Empire in today’s America.


Contributor – Bunny Rabbit


Harry Reid is still Majority Leader because of the “flight to purity” ignors the necessities of reality.

At 77, I’ve been a Goldwater conservative since as a youngster I outgrew the leftist manifestations of Roosevelt Democrats, the paper PM, I.F. Stone, New York’s American Labor Party and Vito Marcantonio.

I have donated to conservative causes and candidates all my life far more than I could afford

I also know this simple truth: a conservative who can win in South Carolina cannot enunciate the same vision and win in Delaware!

Thus, Harry Reid is still Majority Leader because of the “flight to purity” ignors the necessities of reality.

This also applies to social issues.

You can make a political and legal and moral case for banning late-term abortion. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg is expressing concern that Roe v. Wade had no limitations. Given that many American liberal pro-choice people think that abortion is only legal in the beginning of the cycle, they were shocked to see what the Gosnell trial was all about.

That proves the point I’ve made all my life, that political smarts blended with conservative economics and fiscal and monetary policies must be blended with tailoring everything to growth and fairness, that fairness is not Obama’s confiscatory view of taxing the middle class to death by strange usage of words like rich in the tradition that began with Roosevelt’s populism and such terms as malefactors of great wealth in the 30s when truth be told his policies prolonged the Depression and the recession of 1937 after reelection was the direct result of taxing and spending policies reflecting a bias toward government and not the supply side philosophy of the private sector encouraged by free market and free enterprise and strict limitations of government.

I rage at the 2012 election thrown by Romney and the Republicans by not exploiting 9/11/12 and Benghazi and asking why the lie that killing Osama meant the end of Al Qaeda was not countered. Whywas not the overcrowded helicopter with the Seals unit that crashed and killed all the operatives in the Osama take out- not made a cause celebre to demand the truth from this Administration.

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

Don’t expect the truth ever to be told.

Long ago the media suppressed news of the Holocaust – so people could say, “I didn’t know.”

Today in America, media suppression is what keeps Democrats in power for they with “Soros” money and left wing ideology runs the media.

If CIA was gun running from the Benghazi consulate or the Annex and something went wrong like Rabin assassination.

Don’t expect the truth ever to be told.

Like Clinton told “you cannot release Pollard” – jog your memory –

Presidents have to take orders too from the permanent government.

Killing Osama – was total suppression. Our Seals not permitted to talk, then action accelerated constant multi-missions that drained their energies and depleted the helicopters. Then, all involved in Osama’s killing were ordered to one more mission on old overloaded helicopter and one rocket propelled grenade downed the copter and all dead and who did the burial service

I’ve heard a Moslem Imam who in Arabic cursed the infidels as they were buried. That’s the politically correct military where generals and admirals who won’t toe the Jihad line get sacked into retirement.


And. just note how Democrats Christian and Jew always circle the wagons be it Clinton or Obama for there is no truth or honor or loyalty to country – Democrat Party trumps everything as we lose our constitutional democracy subverted into rule by socialist Sharia.

Finally, where is the Republican Establishment?

Contributor, Bunny Rabbit

Congress of both parties have to know it and are performing a play to pacify Conservatives who want to get Obama and Clinton …but will get nobody.

When you talk about the rise of Republican Governors, you forget many Republican governors have caved on Medicaid expansion.

Understandably so with the Federal pressure.

And, many times the Republican governor and state legislature are as divided as if one were Republican and one Democrat.
Just remember as Grassfire portrays the operation that led to Benghazi- was CIA gun smuggling to the Brotherhood and Jihadist Syrian rebels and it wouldn’t be nice for the liberal media to promulgate.

Congress of both parties have to know it and are performing a play to pacify Conservatives who want to get Obama and Clinton …but will get nobody.

Eventually enough new citizens will be enrolled in the Southwest with new immigration legislation still with open borders that Texas will be purple and we will go back like in Roosevelt’s days to being a one-party country.

So remember, American Jewish wishful thinking will not secure Israel or change anything from the days of Roosevelt’s anti-Japanese and anti-Semitic bigotry.

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

All Jews have been presumed to mean it when they say “Chai zum Leben” and profess deep compassion & love of life.

I know it’s been hard over the years to be and stay a Jew.

Plenty of blood and guts. Now we can’t turn back the clock, you’re divided as never before in terms of politics and economics and devotion to the Torah and learning Hebrew or just reading it but in all aspects of Jewish life from the most no God allowed to the most Torah observant Jew with Shabbat and the eruv and you know the drill, you’ve heard it in different forms from Rabbis of all persuasions some of whom I approve of and many of whom I abhor but here’s why I’m writing –

All Jews have been presumed to mean it when they say Chai zum Leben and profess deep compassion and love of life.
However, let’s talk about abortion from conception to delivery and abortifacients (the realm of birth control pills).
Look at Hadassah hospital in Israel and hospitals in general – look at the extra effort expended to save a baby’s life, now they can even do transplants on tiny infants, spending inordinate amounts of money and skill.

But what goes here?

Choice, reproductive rights, a woman’s freedom, Roe v. Wade – now it’s gone too far. Come before the end of the first trimester all the organs are formed, the baby has feelings of hunger and pain and whatever, so after a month science has taught us abortion is wrong, should have the baby, put it up for adoption – how many Jewish women need the services of A Time because they can’t conceive?
And it pains me greatly that whenever there’s middle class liberal Jewish women there’s deep-rooted support for abortion and voting for the practitioners of late term abortion – just look at the Gosnell trial – a full-term baby is aborted and still lives and then is killed to fulfill the abortion – Call it by Planned Parenthood, or Democratic Party liberalism, or women’s reproductive rights – all have forgotten that if you don’t want to get pregnant you follow the Torah teaching of when to have sex and when to abstain –that’s taught in Torah—and so from atheist to orthodox you are on your own –

You in your liberal Democrat Socialist wisdom have been a great disappointment to me, and so until the end you are destined to screw up and suffer, AND YOU RABBIS GET REAL AND DO YOUR JOB

…which by and large you have grossly failed to do.

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

Both the left and right better zip up their ideologies and do some real thinking

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) should never have been passed if it was based on the federal definition of marriage.

Of course, there’s a political component. The Republicans reacted, as kids would have; they acted like children who had been denied the cookie jar for so many years.

But to leave the definition to the states on a federalist and conservative basis because of the Tenth Amendment sounds theoretically pure and noble, but never forget the importance of full faith and credit that the states grant to the acts of the other states.

Let’s see, a Tennessee driver’s license is honored in Illinois, but following different reasoning… What if Tennessee’s definition of marriage is man and woman and Illinois is consenting adults in a binding relationship? Can the Illinois couple own property in Tennessee? If they are in Tennessee in their property having relations is that sodomy?

As usual, there are lines that constantly interchange; for example, easy to say as the court did in Roe v. Wade. They decided on women’s rights and right to privacy. They said that abortion is legal, but science has expanded the view of when the baby (not fetus) is viable. Surely the court did not intend that a late term abortion of a viable baby. A living human that can survive the abortionist, then but minutes later be the dead. Becoming a victim of premeditated murder with a scissors cutting the spine.

Where’s the case to declare the latter not legal but the most despicable act of murder even though still legal and approved by our President, Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion community?

I’m waiting.

And, federalism fails on the marriage question because same sex marriage, with all its attendant features, cannot be legal in some states and illegal in others.

What does that do to the full faith and credit between states that is the basis of our whole federal union?

Both left and right better zip up their ideologies and do some real thinking, while we still have a society

…such as it is.


Contributor- Bunny Rabbit