And of course, the American people are not going to wake up anytime soon, as in Russia and Germany…

I have a file on my printed emails, the ones I thought especially
salient. The conservative world both political and religious would do
well to print it up at my death to maybe give political and religious
conservatives something to hang their hats on.

As because as it is currently constituted, the good guys are
hopelessly divided between what are The Social Conservatives and The
Fiscal Conservatives. The Republican mainstream is satisfied being
“Democrat light.” So Obama, Soros and the whole leftist American crowd
are willing to live in dhimmi status to Islam. They have nothing to
worry about since the government has purchased enough of the bullets
to suppress the folks when the dollar goes “Weimar” and medical care
goes into “doesn’t exist” and “can’t afford it status.” The media,
ever in Karl Marx traitor mode, is the Democrat’s Charlie McCarthy.

Would that every Jew from farthest atheist to most confirmed believer
in that the Messiah, will come read the Jewish Press for it is in all
aspects of religion, politics, Jewish history, and articles
representing all phases of both religious and secular discussion of
Israel’s security and the inner recesses of Torah and Talmud – each
week, it’s like a Jewish Encyclopedia in the most notable usage of
that term:

This was written when the President’s trip to Israel was immediately
forthcoming and hearkening back to the post-election 2009 excursion.
When alluding to doubts of his allegiance and loyalty to Israel, the
Press said:

“…but what disturbed so many and set the alarm bells ringing was
that, perhaps inadvertently, he was embracing the Arab narrative that
Jews have no historical claims in the Middle East and the
establishment of a Jewish state there was the result of Western guilt
feelings and penance for the Holocaust.”

May I make one correction to that sentence. Just eliminate the words
“perhaps inadvertently.”

The Jews from Chicago who gravitated to this handsome young black man
were those with big checkbooks and an ideology wherein Obama’s
ideology was in harmony to theirs. They were reflective of abortion
rights and the hard left view of community organizers. They supported
the Soros ideology -that capitalism and big business are one and the
same and must be fought all the time.

That philosophy also holds that the history we live by is reflected in
Creation. Torah and Old Testament and even the New Testament carry
deep impediments. Tragically, both Jewish and Christian liberalism
harbor contempt and indeed hatred for Western Civilization and the
Judeo-Christian roots which are treasured by the evangelical Christian
is gravely feared by the Jewish world that internally knows (but does
not want to admit) its faith is tangential and not a categorical
imperative. So prone to buying into missionaries’ tracts and coaxing
and based on the past and not the present sees evangelicals as
missionaries contrary to Shamir and Begin who correctly saw CUFI and
Jerusalem Prayer Team (Mike Evans) and Gary Bauer and Pastor Hagee and
that whole assemblage of Christian Republican evangelicals as the only
stalwart fighters for Israel’s survival in American society.

And for most American Jews, their religion is not God and Torah and
Mishnah and the Prophets – It is rather the socialism that started
with F.D. Roosevelt based on the muck-raking from the late Teddy
Roosevelt. Now culminating in the extreme Keynesianism with tinges of
Marxism that render a Federal Reserve under Bernanke firmly in place.
This makes sure that Obama’s creation of New World Order will be
facilitated by the central bank.


One might say the view that Jesus’ birth and death terminated the old
Covenant. God made a new relationship with man on earth and then The
Prophet Mohammed with the Koran, in turn, supplanted Christianity in
terms of God’s relationship to man – and that is why in the new world
order of a Democratic Party ideology that holds for socialism in the
European sense economically and finds kinship spiritually with the
Jihadist Sunni vision of religious caliphate to supplant the secular
Western oriented dictators.

So Mubarak and Khadafy and the rulers in Tunisia and Yemen were (and
are) expendable. It is fine and well that Moslem Brotherhood controls
Egypt and that the Jihadists rule the roost all over. Sunni Jihadists
will take over Syria because the Sunni Caliphate is preferred over
Iran’s Shiite kind. Moreover, if the unholy alliance of Fatah,
Hezbollah, Hamas with State assistance acts against Israel, such is
just collateral damage. Jordan too can be categorized if Abdullah
falls as collateral damage.

And of course, the American people are not going to wake up anytime
soon, as in Russia and Germany…

…wakeup time came also too late.


Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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