These appeals should be reinforced and not turned down!


Subject: Save the Temple Mount

To Mr. Stephen Steiner:

Yesterday you presented the position of the Orthodox Union in regard to Temple Mount, which is that your organization will not take a position. For an organization that professes to believe in the Torah, this position is simply unacceptable. We are shocked at your blunt and cold response to the plight of Jews who ascend the Temple Mount in accordance with Torah law and the fate of the remnants of the Temple that are continually being destroyed by the Muslim authority with the permission of the Israeli Police. This position is tantamount to public consent to the anti-Jewish and illegal behavior of the Israeli Police and Muslim Authority.

We demand that the Orthodox Union take immediate steps to protest the following:

1. The persecution of Jews on the Temple Mount

*Only Jews are forced to wait an extended period of time before being allowed through security.
*Only Jews are forced to present their ID’s to the police.
*Only Jews are followed and harassed by Israeli police and Muslim Wakf guards throughout the entire visit on the Mount.
*Only Jews are arrested for crimes such as prayer, closing eyes, bowing down or singing.

2. The ongoing destruction of Temple Mount antiquities.

* The State authorities do not enforce the Antiquities Law and the planning and Construction Law on the Temple Mount and allow the Wakf to grossly violate the law
* The Wakf has built a mass new illegal underground Mosque in the southern area known as Solomon Stables
* Many truckloads of dirt and archaeology have been dumped illegally into the Kidron valley by the Wakf, Israeli archaeologists are attempting a salvage effort.
* The Wakf has even continued digging around the area of the Mizbeyach and placed a large screen around that area to hid activity.
* The Wakf is now using Mikdash columns to pave a walk way of the Har, which is part of the Halchicly permissible path for Jews who ascend the Har according to Halacha.

3. The Day to day desecration of the Temple Mount by Muslim visitors.

*Muslim children hold daily soccer games and other sports activities on the Mount.
* Muslim families gather picnics and family gatherings on the Mount.
* Anti Israel Marches are held on the Har and many times enemy flags such as Turkey, Hamas and PLO have been raised over the Mount.
* The Wakf regularly used the loudspeakers on the Mount Muslim prayer towers to broadcast their message of hate and destruction towards the Jewish People.

We who care about the sanctity of the Temple Mount will not cease this campaign until the OU comes out with an official policy statement in regard to the issues mentioned above.

So it seems to reconfirm my constant view of the Jewish establishments from atheist to orthodox. It goes back into historic time that God, in the beginning, made a grand error even talking to Abraham and getting started.

FOR SURE, HE SHOULD HAVE KEPT THE TORAH TO HIMSELF given the voting record of the Communist, Socialist, Roosevelt and Obama Jew is… (expletive deleted).

Only the Jew acquiesces as his enemies destroy him. From Atheist to Orthodox, he is his own worst enemy. – Just look at that Schumer-Suck Up and all those Jews voting for Hagel. Obama got the vast majority of the Jewish vote and continues to get their support.

Let’s just see what the do nothing Jewish Press and Republican Jewish Coalition do about this.

The Jewish mainstream is always afraid to fight resulting in horrible periodic Holocausts. Here in America, the Chassidic sects should start integrating with mainstream Orthodox and force a political awakening…

These appeals should be reinforced and not turned down!

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

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