The Great Betrayal: Obama’s Wars and the War in Iraq by Daniel Greenfield with Forward by David Horowitz

Locusts attacking Negev Agriculture — Israel Hopes to contain before egg-laying and appetite gets worse

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The Great Betrayal: Obama’s Wars and the War in Iraq by Daniel Greenfield with Forward by David Horowitz.

It goes through the gamut of events since the original Gulf War. This includes getting Saddam out of Kuwait after the Iran-Iraq war and everything that followed from the Saudi attack on 9/11 to Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Finally, it brings us to the political playing games of the Democratic Party and its leftist base headed by the “prize leftist” currently in the White House.

It’s no secret how I as a Jew feel about the American Jew… his thinking and voting and failing to comprehend the religion he makes believe he understands.

The short “monograph cites” chapter and verse to go through the whole story of the Democrat Party playing to destroy Bush, destroy Republicans. All this took place because the media was totally in their pocket. It was the same as the Nazi propaganda machine… their lies and duplicities are covered up and made to look correct. Leading Democratic politicians on Monday morning say 2 + 2 = 4 and then on Tuesday say it equals 5!

Then, the media says Amen, and no one examines their policies.

The war on terror has been a farce because it has been a vehicle for Democrats maintaining political control in America and maintaining the Party’s leftist base in control.

– In point and in fact, if we truly looked at the Arab Spring, we would see Our United States in full support of the Jihadist revolutionary elements. In the final analysis, Iran and a post-Assad Syria will be linked. Iran will also control Iraq. Maliki is in their pocket as a subservient to the Ayatollah. He is part of the ultimate denouement – with the armies of Hamas, Fatah, and Hezbollah as the ultimate linkage to rid the area of Israel, and indeed, Western influence in that region.

And as insane as that sounds, a non-political analysis of American policy can lead to no other conclusion given the two-face conduct of the Democrat-Office-Holder regardless of religion.

A Netanyahu apology to Turkey is not going to alter Turkey’s ambition to be a Sunni counterweight to Iran’s Shiite hegemony. This is so contrary to the Obama Democrat spin that somehow Israel’s security is going to be safeguarded. Any Turkish acquiescence is based on their desire to get in on the oil and gas riches now known to be there. They hope them to be extracted in the area of Mediterranean within the waters adjacent to Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus. Of course Turkey wants a piece of the action.

The monograph is available for $3.00 and available on Kindle for .99 cents. Simply Email at or go to

David Horowitz came from Communist parents so he understands the sickness of liberalism that gets extreme. That cowardice kept Jewish parents like his in Roosevelt’s pocket. FDR played his games and sold them out.


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Let’s not just mumble the words and have a good dinner

I was born of two Jewish people in the Depression. An only child.

Suppose if my mother could not have had children, Mom and Dad would have adopted.

That would be a problem. I would have needed a b’rith and conversion papers. Both my parents would have been “kosher” but they could never certify to Shabbat unequivocal compliance. Hence, I could not have been converted orthodox or Chabad. In the absence of conservative and reform movements I could not have had a Bet Din or could not have gone through the rituals to be considered Jewish.

It’s almost highly unlikely in those circumstances that would I have gone through the procedures later in life, so I would not have married Jewish, would not have Jewish grandchildren…etc.

I would not have spent my whole adult working life educating court clerks and court officers as to the merits of political conservatism…

I would also talk about:

Jewish Torah history back to creation

The case for Israel

I explained why the Torah is the foundation of Western Civilization by God’s Infinite sovereignty to man

That government is to serve the people.

To my Catholic co-workers, I would say:

That America is based on The Old Testament and Judaic concepts within the Commandments,

Right and wrong,

Freedom from a limited government and economic freedom

And, the concern and caring for one’s fellow man is straight from the Jewish prophets

– NOT from the state dictatorship ideology of various forms of collectivism from Pol Pot to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the rest of the wannabes like Chavez to Kirchner to Allende and the Sandinistas!

To all those who under cloak of liberation theology blasphemed the meaning of the Christian God.

Of course, one can never forget those wannabes: The American Democratic Party.

Obama is moving heaven and earth and digging down deep to transform this once great country.

And a quick little catechism on Maimonides 13 Attributes of God… God is Infinite, therefore cannot be a “being” and that’s not Bill Clinton who depends on what the meaning of “is,” is.

Being has to be finite.

God is infinite.

And, in that vein, Rabbis of all persuasions must learn to think outside the box which their organizations mostly fail to do.

Today discussions of the symbolic metaphysical meanings- re: purity and spirituality of various forms and types of animal sacrifice will simply get you thrown out of court – case to be dismissed with prejudice.

And, to couch tomorrow in those terms: If ever there is a tomorrow, it does nothing for survival for what may happen.

We’ll never know.

No wonder throughout history, the rule has been that Jews going away are never to come back. No wonder on a scale of how many Jews there are in the world. one would be amazed at such a low percentage relative to populations.

If that irrelevant denouement of history is what the Torah proves to be, then all of history has been a joke upon all of us and sadly countless millions have died for Shema, the Lord our God the Lord is One, and only for a thesis of the Third Temple that could call for the final elevation of man in the end of days for the surviving small number who have really reached the elevated stature of holiness to be Abraham and Moses in God’s eyes (figuratively of course), but just keep thinking in the box not out of it, and you’re wasting your time.

It would be nice if I could be the iconoclast, without portfolio, lecturing at Yeshiva University – That would surely get the troops to think outside the box if they’re interested in Judaism or surviving this century with an Islamic world that’s soon to be nuclear armed in a world.

Obama’s America has terminated its role as the world’s superpower – now we’re just another second rate socialist member of the EU

– there’s no room for a Jewish state in that kind of world so we BETTER TAKE FULL COGNIZANCE OF IF OUR RELIGION WILL HAVE MEANING FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW,

Or, even exist tomorrow.



Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

Worry about how the philosophy of Islam rules, and it is “the sacred cow”

I was Just reading that a bank requires ID for company officers who are to be authorized signatures for checking account. That’s how reasonable people conduct business in the real world.

But, to DEMOCRATS: Obama, Holder and the whole Congress and Senate… if you challenge early voting and absentee voting and even regular same day voting and ask for ID – you’re a racist, a bigot and/or some kind of evil person challenging the common practice.

In America, fraudulent voting and multiple voting in certain selected precincts in happens. Washington says it’s “Southern racism.” Whereas in truth, it’s in every Democrat precinct where by intimidation and fraud they get 90% Democrat votes.

In Philadelphia, Obama even got 100% and the damn Romney Republicans didn’t tie up the whole election in court! It should still be in the Supreme Court.

And, to clear up the drone issue which isn’t the real issue.

If you’re anybody in the world and you’re fighting the United States either as a country or as an NGO like al Qaeda, you have the right to be killed. Now, it would be better if the U.S. chose to capture and vigorously interrogate, but it is preferred to kill because the interrogation with water boarding or whatever might get information which would be embarrassing to the Administration if it came out.

So, better to kill the enemy by drone.

If you’re an American citizen and you choose to become an enemy combatant, either at home or abroad, you have forfeited your citizenship and it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference if you’re killed on American soil or overseas. You’re still an American citizen who forfeited his citizenship by joining the enemy. While it would be good to give you the third degree and get some information (it might be embarrassing again to the Administration), it should be legal, in any event, to kill you anywhere you are.


Worry about how the philosophy of Islam rules, and it is “the sacred cow”  Instead, we get – no guns and no salt and no big sodas –

BUT you dare not say anything bad about the “Brotherhood” and Hamas and Hezbollah…

Instead, they’re still “begging” Iran to postpone their nuclear bomb because it wouldn’t look nice if they destroyed Israel and brought on Armageddon. It might hurt the Democrat chances of retaking the House in 2014.

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These appeals should be reinforced and not turned down!


Subject: Save the Temple Mount

To Mr. Stephen Steiner:

Yesterday you presented the position of the Orthodox Union in regard to Temple Mount, which is that your organization will not take a position. For an organization that professes to believe in the Torah, this position is simply unacceptable. We are shocked at your blunt and cold response to the plight of Jews who ascend the Temple Mount in accordance with Torah law and the fate of the remnants of the Temple that are continually being destroyed by the Muslim authority with the permission of the Israeli Police. This position is tantamount to public consent to the anti-Jewish and illegal behavior of the Israeli Police and Muslim Authority.

We demand that the Orthodox Union take immediate steps to protest the following:

1. The persecution of Jews on the Temple Mount

*Only Jews are forced to wait an extended period of time before being allowed through security.
*Only Jews are forced to present their ID’s to the police.
*Only Jews are followed and harassed by Israeli police and Muslim Wakf guards throughout the entire visit on the Mount.
*Only Jews are arrested for crimes such as prayer, closing eyes, bowing down or singing.

2. The ongoing destruction of Temple Mount antiquities.

* The State authorities do not enforce the Antiquities Law and the planning and Construction Law on the Temple Mount and allow the Wakf to grossly violate the law
* The Wakf has built a mass new illegal underground Mosque in the southern area known as Solomon Stables
* Many truckloads of dirt and archaeology have been dumped illegally into the Kidron valley by the Wakf, Israeli archaeologists are attempting a salvage effort.
* The Wakf has even continued digging around the area of the Mizbeyach and placed a large screen around that area to hid activity.
* The Wakf is now using Mikdash columns to pave a walk way of the Har, which is part of the Halchicly permissible path for Jews who ascend the Har according to Halacha.

3. The Day to day desecration of the Temple Mount by Muslim visitors.

*Muslim children hold daily soccer games and other sports activities on the Mount.
* Muslim families gather picnics and family gatherings on the Mount.
* Anti Israel Marches are held on the Har and many times enemy flags such as Turkey, Hamas and PLO have been raised over the Mount.
* The Wakf regularly used the loudspeakers on the Mount Muslim prayer towers to broadcast their message of hate and destruction towards the Jewish People.

We who care about the sanctity of the Temple Mount will not cease this campaign until the OU comes out with an official policy statement in regard to the issues mentioned above.

So it seems to reconfirm my constant view of the Jewish establishments from atheist to orthodox. It goes back into historic time that God, in the beginning, made a grand error even talking to Abraham and getting started.

FOR SURE, HE SHOULD HAVE KEPT THE TORAH TO HIMSELF given the voting record of the Communist, Socialist, Roosevelt and Obama Jew is… (expletive deleted).

Only the Jew acquiesces as his enemies destroy him. From Atheist to Orthodox, he is his own worst enemy. – Just look at that Schumer-Suck Up and all those Jews voting for Hagel. Obama got the vast majority of the Jewish vote and continues to get their support.

Let’s just see what the do nothing Jewish Press and Republican Jewish Coalition do about this.

The Jewish mainstream is always afraid to fight resulting in horrible periodic Holocausts. Here in America, the Chassidic sects should start integrating with mainstream Orthodox and force a political awakening…

These appeals should be reinforced and not turned down!

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit