I called Heritage to cancel my monthly subscription.

I was reading the Heritage Member News (Winter 2013) warmed with the great news that Jim DeMint had taken over.

Then, as I skimmed through the issue, I was appalled.

It is the same tired conservative lexicon that sounded like the mainstream Republicanism that Romney reelected Obama with.

The Republican image: “party of the rich,” is used so cleverly by the left while just the opposite is true. Just look at big banks and Wall Street in bed with each other to the detriment of regional banks and mainstream, Main Street America.

Karl Rove is a spokesman for a Republican Establishment that accepts permanent minority status. They cannot and will not adopt not necessarily Tea Party social issues mantras but simply the only way to take the initiative and win is to be truly and totally populist.

DeMint’s chickening out of the Senate because of frustration? That is no excuse.

Were I to speak to the convention, I would say the truth:

The Red-Fascist, Democrat,  big bank,  Wall Street alliance has poster people like Jack Lew whose record between private and public sector would (if Republican be the occasion) be for a concerted attack and vilification as a corrupt crony capitalist of the worst order. A far better case than the one falsely made against Romney. As usual, the usual mainstream Heritage and Republican Establishment together, they permit the Democrats to play class warfare and race warfare.

This hides the Jack Lews, Warren Buffetts and Jeffrey Immelts and the rest of the Big Money-Wall Street-Big Bank-Alliance.

If they only knew economics, Heritage would call Fascist Syndicalism – which seeks our destruction. – So, with the labor bosses, Hollywood money and Silicon Valley Democrat entrepreneurship, they play the instrument called the media and gain control of the American mind. It is a collective mind, which is no longer capable of cognitive thought. It responds only to sound bites and hate messages and emotions that the left-wing media is a master at promulgating.

Heritage’s intellectual theorizing and repetition of words, which while true, makes no emotional connection to the American heart. It is so dysfunctional. They refuse to follow the path for victory I’ve just enunciated.

Plus of course, they should get it in their heads that the left Social Democrats, i.e. the Obama-American-Democrats, count the total representation in House and Senate of all races and religions. They have all become masters through the compliant media of using Hitler’s “Big Lie” technique. The stunning effect on Heritage and the Republicans make them 100% incapable of going for the jugular – Obama should have been challenged on his claim of natural born citizen because of his parents and his upbringing. Again, where’s his birth certificate and passport? Why was he a student in Indonesia as a Moslem citizen …and so forth?

Simple, they are afraid of being called racist.

In Heritage’s intellectual fog and a society that only responds to emotion and passion with near total control of the means of communication by the left. We are a Right that doesn’t know how to get down and dirty (Chicago style). What was the mission in Benghazi -running arms to whom in the Syrian Civil War? It’s been reported. Why does the Right permit itself to be lied to out of its mind? The Republicans will cave again come debt ceiling time because they’re afraid of calling out the left Democrats in terms that regular folks can understand.

So, by Friday I called Heritage to cancel my monthly subscription.

At 77- based on a life that started say –April 12, 1945 at age 9– when “God (Franklin D. Roosevelt) died” in Warm Springs, GA, at 77, it’s been a struggle to wake up this country.

It’s the same for my Jewish world.

I have failed at both.


Contributor – BunnyRabbit



The American public will become ever more prone to believe it all

As the deficit grows, so do the lies emanating from Washington.

In their sadistic lust for dictatorial power to utterly emasculate everything America used to stand for with a totally leftist immoral media of a mold with “Mein Kampf.”

Any corrective measures by talk radio, the Conservative think tanks. and foundations like Heritage cannot come close to overcoming the 24/7 streams of lies from Washington.

The American public will become ever more prone to believe it all.

It is the absolute transformation of the Big Lie technique elevated to the daily conduct of our nation’s business.

And, the religious, economic, social and political organizations that one would expect to call a halt to this progression -are silent in fear of being excoriated.

On that basis, the country has not earned it’s right to survive.

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

It’s not politics as usual because the socialist revolution is in full flower

Based on the last election

And, its pathetic organization….

And, operation…

Moreover, the Republican Establishment has the propensity to refuse cooperation with the Conservative wing. This forces them to run candidates against “establishment candidates” When conservatives win in the primary ballots, they only discover that the party does not give them full support…

Or, they run those hand picked RINOs…

Any way, the lack of unity has kept the Senate in Obama’s hands and there is no philosophy, no overriding message to the American people about what’s going on.

Except, politics as usual.

It’s not politics as usual because the socialist revolution is in full flower. Plus, government collaboration with Islam-Sharia and the eradication of free speech and free religious rights are on the altar of socialist realism.

The Republican Establishment fools are helpless and will continue to be.

So, don’t they dare ask me for money!

Contributor – Bunny Rabbit

Andrew Roberts’ Review of Max Boot’s Invisible Armies

To say that Max Boot is a brilliant genius is an understatement.

Mr. Roberts does a great job with presenting the guerrilla warfare analyses, but any discussion of the role of public opinion makes too slight mention of the leadership role in molding public opinion.

Western publics, especially American, have very short attention spans and leadership must be honestly devoted to the necessity of the cause and its victory in terms of the security and well-being of the citizenry.

Concerning Vietnam…

When the draft had been terminated, forces became voluntary. Unless there is quick victory, war across the ocean will not gain general approbation unless the public is forthrightly convinced of its necessity for the survival, safety and security of our people.

Remember, George Bush 41 always said the job was not to depose Saddam but to liberate Kuwait and he did do a masterful job of getting Islamic cooperation, and not being coerced by the calls to follow Saddam, on to Baghdad, which superficially was inviting.

Now in hindsight, (apart from the moral issues which are not germane because nations do not fight other nations because the ruler is an evil murdering despot, they are supposed to fight only when vital interests are involved)

Bush 41 maintained the “no-fly zone” and the pressure could have been increased. Saddam could have been advised that chemical warfare against the Kurdish north would result in bombing his facilities in Baghdad and his palaces would have been destroyed. Evidently, no one realized the geopolitics of Sunni dominated Iraq albeit with a Shiite majority population was preferable as a counterweight to Shiite Iran under the Ayatollah after the 1979 Western, more particularly, Carter failure.

So now our current President is not at really philosophically opposed to Islamic Jihad is quite willing to take the drone method of operation because it shields the government from the difficult aspects of interrogation and information gathering. The real strategy should be to prevent either a Sunni or Shiite caliphate to wind up eliminating Western presence and influence in the area.

Of course, the overarching question: Does the West and America have any will to contain Islamism as it’s domination. Christian Europe proceeds apace, and once allies like secular Turkey are Islamic, rivals as Sunni Turkey seeks to become with Egypt -those two powers vying for leadership of the Sunni world to counter Iran’s Shiite world.

American public opinion is betwixt and between, because the government doesn’t have a clue except to install Socialism in America and destroy Republicans and Conservatives -by any and all means.

As matters stand, I wonder who is going to do what is necessary to keep Iran from obtaining (with Russian and North Korean assistance) nuclear capability?

And, all the incredibly ignorant talk of a “peace process” and “two-state solution” with Hamas and Hezbollah (sworn to Israel’s extermination and Fatah) is still a useless appendage of Arafat’s corrupt cronies. They are still preaching the “We will hate and kill the Jews” ideology.

What kind of peace is anybody talking about?

Going back to the Elliot Abrams article in this issue, one has to wonder at the hard to believe ignorance and gullibility at almost every level of American and Western leadership.

Posted by –  Bunny Rabbit