Does America have four more years?

This week’s fund-raiser of the month is Obama’s nuclear disarmament in light of Iran and North Korea and the soon to be massive proliferation of nuclear weapons vis-à-vis a U.S. that has disarmed itself.

Given American education and the breakdown…

of the family,

of patriotism,

and of the virtues that permitted this country to become great at one time,

The condominium of government and media are linked together in the creation of the European-Style Socialist State wherein…

to believe in God,

to live by the Ten Commandments,

to be straight in sexual orientation,

to believe that America should be and remain the greatest and militarily strongest nation on earth makes you a…






that is totally opposed to…


to redistribution,

to elimination of the capitalist structure.


This denies people rights to our property (because that’s the fair thing to do).

The only way to accomplish our goals is to get in the gutter and say the truth and fight the establishment and cast us in the role of a Jesus – ready to be crucified by the powers that be.

Since that would be expecting too much of any person regardless of their bravery in war, we will continue on the four most disastrous years this country has ever seen with the confiscation of guns and the end of the first and second Amendments. Sharia will be the victory of the new school of jurisprudence. Judges will universally decide that Judaism and Christianity in the public square is unconstitutional. To the sick liberal mind, God’s virtues are old-fashioned and limit freedom and we want to live.

Instead, we live in the contraception-abortion, liberal paradise of hedonism and welfare state.

Wiemar style welfare state!

We as a people have no more money to tax, so we’ll just print more of it.


Reaganman – Contributor

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