First and foremost, think for yourself.

First and foremost, think for yourself.

Ask questions and never take someone’s word for truth.

Whether in politics or religion -they need to prove it, or indicate to you the basis on which their thinking evolved that brings them to that conclusion. If it fits the bill and makes sense to you, then you can incorporate it into your mindset.

With that preamble, as you meet people when you go to school remember, the main determinant of what you are taught is what “they” want you to believe, not necessarily that it is true.

I’ll give you a quick example from my family. Great Grandmother Esther’s father Max came to America about the time of the Russo Japanese War in the Pacific. That resulted in Japan’s establishment as a naval power and provided the total humiliation of the Czarist regime. This led to the final victory of the revolutionary forces which always commence with Bourgeoisie revolt, Social Democrats, Social Revolutionaries, Mensheviks, etc.

Then in WWI came the German Kaiser’s great mistake. To achieve victory and get Russia out of the alliance with France and England, he let Lenin be transported back to Russia and soon the 1917 Russian Revolution saw the Bolshevik triumph. Then, the White Red Civil War which the Reds won.

The point is that in the 1920s Lenin was master and his students Trotsky and Stalin were in a great struggle for supremacy – all that’s for another time.

Grandfather Max as most people who emigrated from Russia thought that Lenin was a “good” guy whose revolution was designed to help people be free and prosper and that Stalin who won the struggle with Trotsky was the bad guy who would institute the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Meaning Communist slavery.

Liberals in America deep down love this idea so much. My grandfather was of that persuasion and I’ve always regretted that he died so soon before I learned through historical study what Lenin really was – a devil incarnate that all the collectivist evils leading to Mao in china with the cultural revolution and the 30s with the gulag starvation and slaughter in Russia. A worldwide system of espionage and killings throughout the world were born in the revolutionary diabolical mind of Vladimir Lenin.

A good example in more modern times of Western-Liberal-Ignorance is when France let Khomeini return to Iran in the late 1970s and it didn’t take long until the Shah was overthrown. According to the liberals in America (Jimmy Carter et cetera) the Ayatollah was a good moderate liberal .

Of course, we now know he set Iran on the Jihadist drive to destroy the West, especially Israel.


Remember, even in religious schools you can well be exposed to so you have to be careful!

First and foremost, think for yourself.

Ask questions and never take someone’s word for truth.

As long as I’m alive, I’ll let you know what I know.

Reaganman – Contributor



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