We fail to understand this President who goes beyond liberalism

The reaffirmation of principles, being faithful to them and not losing one’s line of vision in the face of great enemies and great odds is worthy of our pursuit.

However, those who say that a consistent and meaningful push to economic serfdom as a consequence of redistribution and crony capitalism “can’t happen here…”

They are wrong.

Big time wrong.

We fail to understand this President who goes beyond liberalism in the traditional welfare state sense. His ideology demands what the totalitarians of the last century and the Islamists of this century desire. Namely, he and the radical left seek coercive power of the state in a way of neutering the freedom element of the first two amendments in the name of “call it what you will.” They use names like Marx, Lenin, Soros or whoever, but it is not politics as usual. He does not seek to best the Republicans and Conservatives in the arena of ideas; he means to eliminate them structurally as a barrier to the implementation of his ideology.

That is what we can euphemistically call this new constitutional revolution. That’s what it’s all about. Worse, we have Supreme Court Justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg holding that a constitution of today for a new, remade nation should not be based on our current document. Now we have the rationale for this President to say that he is always within the bounds of American jurisprudence.

This all goes under the radar given our left wing media, radical college professors and the not too bright politicians of both parties!

Reaganman – Contributor

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