My proposal is simple.

After all my lifetime years of being a good conservative Republican we now have a situation where the conservatives win primaries and lose general elections. The leadership is a bunch of gutless bastards who have no sense of public relations. Races that should be won are lost and they don’t even have the brains to call out the fraud and tie up the election in the courts. Remember, Nixon let Kennedy win in Illinois by not pointing out the wide spread voting fraud in Chicago. He thought that he should let it all go because America was the depths of the Cold War and we simply couldn’t afford that king of infighting at the time.

Today, we have Islamic terrorism because Obama and Napolitano dismiss them as militants and now we must “understand” them. The Saudis call for war against Iran for the simple reason they want their Sunni-Wahhabi terrorism to pay for Hamas against Israel and not the traditional Iranian payment for terrorism like Hezbollah and keeping Assad in power.

Remember Obama in 2006?

He called out Bush on his heavy spending.

As our current President, he’s doubled it.

So goes the liberal Democrat hypocrisy as Jewish Democrats will still vote to confirm Hagel because Schumer gives them cover and “F” (forget?) Israel.

My proposal is simple. The Republican House should raise debt ceiling to infinity, but in same language of legislation prohibit any continuing of fiscal resolutions. Then put language in there that White House and Democrat Senate have to present a budget.

If the country goes down the drain it’s because the Republican House functioned under law.

That might be refreshing considering that the he rest of our government functions like we’re under George Orwell’s 1984 rules for liberal dictatorship.

Reaganman – Contributor

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