Most are victims of the cultural lag.

Cultural lag is when at an early time of life you’ve been inculcated by parents, family, teachers, doesn’t matter that certain things are up and others down, certain things good and others bad. Over the course of time you have been programmed to believe as inculcated, but over time things change and philosophies alter and power structures alter. Good becomes bad and the reverse and up becomes down and the reverse.

These things happen slowly and clever propaganda makes it seem that it’s not even happening,

…but it is.

That way good people vote for evil still thinking it is good, and that applies to anyone, in your case not parents, but it can be family members, rabbis, teachers, parents of friends, anybody.

To make it clearer…

When I was your age say on the voting machine their would be some other parties listed, lunatic fringe leftist parties that would just put up a candidate for president or governor and get a few thousand votes and that was it. However, over time and people like the George Soros’ of that time started to spend big money on propaganda and spreading word. Now that lunatic fringe is the mainstream of the Democratic Party and it’s poised never to lose a Presidential election again because this country has been so brainwashed.

The media, in its vast majority, is evil.

In that, the majority of Jews are in the Democratic Party. Some of them are evil but most are victims of the cultural lag. So Jews can vote for Jew-haters when they are still in the fog of yesterday.

For example, we had the economic troubles because Democrats insisted that everyone should have a mortgage to buy a house with no down payment and easy terms and over time with an influx of derivatives into the investment banking section of the industry the two combined to create chaos.

That situation elected Obama and blamed Bush and the Republicans -but it was caused by the Democrats.

And those terrible shootings… In the old days, mentally unstable people could be institutionalized. Liberal Democrat ACLU lawyers made that impossible so under the various drugs for behavior that too many kids are prescribed. Some go “psycho” and Democrat privacy laws and phony adherence to constitutional standards keeps them free and their records are never put on a database because that would be an invasion of privacy. So they can kill and then what do the liberals do? – They press to do away layers of the second amendment, as Cuomo has done in New York. It will get to the point of confiscating guns.

And in that unconstitutional regard, Democrats are now the Nazis because Hitler made sure to confiscate all weapons and then when the Gestapo came for Jews and other Germans there was no way to resist.

Liberals won’t tell you that but that’s what today’s Democratic Party is all about (plus enable Iran to get the bomb and make it impossible for Israel to defend itself) – and of course they lie about it all to keep the Jewish vote in America.

Reaganman – Contributor

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