…and the poor Republicans don’t have ANY clue what to do!

I guess Jim DeMint just didn’t want to stay in the Senate and take the beating that’s coming when they quash the filibuster. Too bad conservatives can’t get it in their heads that the revolution has taken place.

Now Obama has four more years to consolidate his revolution for he has unlimited money from George Soros, and many millions worth more from willfully false propaganda generated by just about every newspaper in America. In addition, the television, liberal blogs and the leftist anchor people who make the Chinese Communists look rational and reasonable, also help.

After all, Red China tells us we’re spending too much money and going broke and killing our economy


Look at Ed Koch who now says Obama reneged on promise to Israel. This time is in the form of Mr. Hagel.

Well… that’s what you get Ed, for staying in Obama’s pocket for four years and refusing to see what there was to be seen and now he’s shocked –Ed, you helped elect and now re-elect Obama!

…As did every other liberal Jew from Non-Practicing to Chasidim plus all the Pro-Abortion-Catholics and Protestants who have bought into BDS. (just like the Bund of the 30s before there was even an Israel before Europe’s Jews were exterminated).

Finally, Dick Morris said something smart –

Republicans can’t play poker with Obama and Democrats. They will always lose, so only one chance – House pass legislation raising debt ceiling by 100 billion a month (my example) and that way every month make Obama and Democrats come to House for another hundred billion. Let’s face it, DeMint at Heritage, Horowitz, Gary Bauer and the other groups fighting for free speech and democracy in colleges, they can only nibble around the edges.

They can do nothing to stem the tide of gun confiscation caused by ACLU liberal democrats. The same people who exploited privacy rights that prevents mental-case people from being institutionalized. Now they can steal or obtain firearms legally to kill innocents.

What do we have now?

Hysteria about gun control by those liberal Nazis who want to disarm the people for dictatorship purposes and then prevented that real gun control is using the law to keep guns available onlyf or the psychos.

That makes sense because that helps liberals destroy America.

That’s why there have been liberals all through the twentieth century!

Now they have Obama’s voice and Soros’ money

…and the poor Republicans don’t have ANY clue what to do!

At least I’ve learned not to waste my money anymore.

Reaganman – Contributor

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