My checkbook will remain closed.

I just opened up an article on the Wall Street Journal website about the 2013 Gubernatorial race in Virginia between the Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor – the same debt and deficit versus social issues and immigration and it’s the old civil war all over again that kept the Senate in Democratic hands in two elections 2010 and 2012 and Virginia with the divisions voted for Obama twice and several Democratic Senate wins.

Let the record show so far this year I’ve made one Israeli related contribution to Honenu, the law firm in Israel, that represents the religious and/or nationalists in trouble with the secular Government.

The same government that sucks up to the Fatah and Hamas pressure with the command, police and judiciary blaming Jews first – the one that wonders what side the Israeli government is on.

Another donation that I’ve already made to by credit card was to FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). They fight the Red-Fascist-multicultural-academic-hatred of freedom at colleges.

That’s only if you don’t slavishly hue to the Red Marxist line that makes Americanism subversive in the liberal eyes of college presidents, administrators and deans. That’s why a college education is so swollen with expensive bureaucracies. Half of of the places should be closed down for the lousy education they provide anyway.
I’ve also given to two American Indian organizations, Soaring Eagle and Sioux Nation Relief Fund. Honestly, I have given too them almost forever.

The Republican civil war is in full stride with the Democrats and Obama guaranteed a perpetual victory. Virginia will stay Democrat and my checkbook will remain closed.

Closed until there’s a change

I may even have to retreat to the old standard deductions… You see, I’m totally fed up – I would like to get those Republican “bigshots” in a room together, lock the doors and starve them to death while beating some goddamn brains into them.


Stop being like the divided Jews who keep on fighting between religious and secular to the point where they wind up dying together!


Divided they are not strong enough to fight the enemy!

Divided we are not strong enough to fight the enemy!

Divided, Islam’s road is greased to ultimate success!


Reaganman – Contributor


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