I’m going to be very sparing with my donations

I just saw a piece on a very creditable website indicating how the same geniuses who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign brilliantly got the coalition together to re-elect him in 2012. They managed to hold together with the same assemblage of voting blocs that “blew the lid” off of predictions. He carried all the swing states except North Carolina.

…all the political donations I just made.

…all the political donations I have made.

They also believe Hillary will be disposed of, as she was in 2008 -a nonfactor, and
Eric Holder will be the nominee. I think their reasoning is that he appeals to the same base… Black, Hispanic, single women, young college grads, and of course, the Jewish vote.

This annoys me mightily. It annoys me that the Democrat strategists know their job better than the Republicans do.

Given Boehner’s chickening out, Holder’s running the Justice Department in totally political ways (with abject contempt and hatred of the Constitution), and knowing full well how useless the conservative movement in this country is because they refuse to acknowledge the revolution has occurred without the blood of Tahrir Square or Tiananmen Square. Unfortunately, old line America is so conditioned to the democratic process that they don’t recognize that a Leftist, Marxist, Keynesian, Socialist revolution destructive of the Constitution and Bill of Rights has taken over.

The Liberals running the Courts and the “Charlie McCarthy” media keep the American people as serfs, while a the cartel of Big Government, Big Business, and Big Labor bury this country.

They’ll go on voting for it because the Boehner-types make deals and do not fight for conservative principles and most conservatives talk well but have no psychological smarts.

So we lose all the time.



We will just have to see how bad the House of Representative Republicans gets beaten 2014. I also expect Harry Reid to do anyway with the filibuster rule. When he and Obama were in the minority, they were hysterically for it.

Democrats are hypocrites who never have to pay the price.

So that’s been my curse, to live to see the literal death of America.

I’m going to be very sparing with my donations. Over the years I’ve wasted too much money to organizations that have really accomplished nothing. I realize now that Gingrich and the Republican House in 1994 had balanced budgets and welfare reform because Clinton wanted to be reelected.

Let’s look back…

Hillary’s Obama style health care led to their big defeat. Again, Clinton was smart enough to learn.

However, that was almost twenty years ago.

In the interim, the one-party press and media have brain washed America to the point where any road to political victory is to demonize the Republican enemy and lie to an ignorant public that learns nothing in college about how the economy works.

Again and again, they vote for debt, deficit class warfare and leave voters wondering why they struggle.

Americans have developed a cultural hate of what is decent in society. It sickens me profoundly the way liberal Jews and Christians vote. It is like spitting in God’s face on a perpetual basis.

Obama’s machine wins because Republicans are still too afraid to call out fraud where it exists. Furthermore, I think that they have alienated certain voting blocs with stupidities as “the no rape exception” and harping on illegal immigration so much— enough as to turn off the legal immigrants.


Obama continues to lie on economy and fairness while getting his Hollywood stooges to make a movie about killing Bin Laden when in essence the event had zero value in the war on terror. Worse yet, Hillary’s female adviser in the state Department, Abedin, is part of the Brotherhood apparatus. The Moslem world considers Obama to be one of them.

This is contrary to presumed birth certificates. Honestly, they mean nothing because by the rules of the constitution, he’s not a natural born citizen, regardless of where he was born. His father was not American born or ever naturalized American citizen.

Where were the great conservative scholars in 2006 and 2007?

They were hiding in the metaphorical closet because they never had the courage to demand that the Supreme Court make a ruling Obama be accountable for. So, in essence, I’d like to sue Romney, the Republican Establishment, the think tanks and the conservative PACs that wasted the money on winning primaries (nice and pure) and losing general elections.

They lost a lot more while winning with Cruz, Ryan and Rubio. They are also afraid to get to the heart of the matter.

That’s why I’ve got plenty of donation envelopes to throw out.

Reaganman – Contributor



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