Does America have four more years?

This week’s fund-raiser of the month is Obama’s nuclear disarmament in light of Iran and North Korea and the soon to be massive proliferation of nuclear weapons vis-à-vis a U.S. that has disarmed itself.

Given American education and the breakdown…

of the family,

of patriotism,

and of the virtues that permitted this country to become great at one time,

The condominium of government and media are linked together in the creation of the European-Style Socialist State wherein…

to believe in God,

to live by the Ten Commandments,

to be straight in sexual orientation,

to believe that America should be and remain the greatest and militarily strongest nation on earth makes you a…






that is totally opposed to…


to redistribution,

to elimination of the capitalist structure.


This denies people rights to our property (because that’s the fair thing to do).

The only way to accomplish our goals is to get in the gutter and say the truth and fight the establishment and cast us in the role of a Jesus – ready to be crucified by the powers that be.

Since that would be expecting too much of any person regardless of their bravery in war, we will continue on the four most disastrous years this country has ever seen with the confiscation of guns and the end of the first and second Amendments. Sharia will be the victory of the new school of jurisprudence. Judges will universally decide that Judaism and Christianity in the public square is unconstitutional. To the sick liberal mind, God’s virtues are old-fashioned and limit freedom and we want to live.

Instead, we live in the contraception-abortion, liberal paradise of hedonism and welfare state.

Wiemar style welfare state!

We as a people have no more money to tax, so we’ll just print more of it.


Reaganman – Contributor

This Administration cares no more for the lives of Americans than did the world of Hitler with the lives of Jews.

An email from: ACT for America
P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591

“What difference, at this
point, does it make?”

So long as this administration persists in looking at the world through the lens of “see no jihad” it will inaccurately define our enemy.

And it will learn very little from Benghazi.

Or Cairo.

Or why militant Muslims around the world protested and rioted in response to the administration’s repeated claims that a video caused what happened at Benghazi.

Or why the more the administration apologized for the video, the more militant Muslims took to the streets.

That’s what Secretary Clinton in effect told us: “Why” it happened doesn’t matter.

Or if it does, this administration has made up its mind that its approach to radical Islamic terror wasn’t in any way to blame, and it doesn’t want to be confused by facts that contradict that view.

Put another way this Administration cares no more for the lives of Americans than did the world of Hitler with the lives of Jews. So why do not Republicans in House and Senate say the words that need saying?

They know what needs to be said, but they don’t have the guts to say it and that’s why I’ve washed my hands of them – so let’s get our people home while they’re still okay and just forget it since we have the government we now have.

Since we don’t have a draft, we should have a rule that says:

Why can’t the Republicans appeal to the isolationist Democratic base with that kind of idea.

That would be smart…

And, be the truth at the same time…

So, of course, it will never happen.

Reaganman – Contributor

We fail to understand this President who goes beyond liberalism

The reaffirmation of principles, being faithful to them and not losing one’s line of vision in the face of great enemies and great odds is worthy of our pursuit.

However, those who say that a consistent and meaningful push to economic serfdom as a consequence of redistribution and crony capitalism “can’t happen here…”

They are wrong.

Big time wrong.

We fail to understand this President who goes beyond liberalism in the traditional welfare state sense. His ideology demands what the totalitarians of the last century and the Islamists of this century desire. Namely, he and the radical left seek coercive power of the state in a way of neutering the freedom element of the first two amendments in the name of “call it what you will.” They use names like Marx, Lenin, Soros or whoever, but it is not politics as usual. He does not seek to best the Republicans and Conservatives in the arena of ideas; he means to eliminate them structurally as a barrier to the implementation of his ideology.

That is what we can euphemistically call this new constitutional revolution. That’s what it’s all about. Worse, we have Supreme Court Justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg holding that a constitution of today for a new, remade nation should not be based on our current document. Now we have the rationale for this President to say that he is always within the bounds of American jurisprudence.

This all goes under the radar given our left wing media, radical college professors and the not too bright politicians of both parties!

Reaganman – Contributor

First and foremost, think for yourself.

First and foremost, think for yourself.

Ask questions and never take someone’s word for truth.

Whether in politics or religion -they need to prove it, or indicate to you the basis on which their thinking evolved that brings them to that conclusion. If it fits the bill and makes sense to you, then you can incorporate it into your mindset.

With that preamble, as you meet people when you go to school remember, the main determinant of what you are taught is what “they” want you to believe, not necessarily that it is true.

I’ll give you a quick example from my family. Great Grandmother Esther’s father Max came to America about the time of the Russo Japanese War in the Pacific. That resulted in Japan’s establishment as a naval power and provided the total humiliation of the Czarist regime. This led to the final victory of the revolutionary forces which always commence with Bourgeoisie revolt, Social Democrats, Social Revolutionaries, Mensheviks, etc.

Then in WWI came the German Kaiser’s great mistake. To achieve victory and get Russia out of the alliance with France and England, he let Lenin be transported back to Russia and soon the 1917 Russian Revolution saw the Bolshevik triumph. Then, the White Red Civil War which the Reds won.

The point is that in the 1920s Lenin was master and his students Trotsky and Stalin were in a great struggle for supremacy – all that’s for another time.

Grandfather Max as most people who emigrated from Russia thought that Lenin was a “good” guy whose revolution was designed to help people be free and prosper and that Stalin who won the struggle with Trotsky was the bad guy who would institute the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Meaning Communist slavery.

Liberals in America deep down love this idea so much. My grandfather was of that persuasion and I’ve always regretted that he died so soon before I learned through historical study what Lenin really was – a devil incarnate that all the collectivist evils leading to Mao in china with the cultural revolution and the 30s with the gulag starvation and slaughter in Russia. A worldwide system of espionage and killings throughout the world were born in the revolutionary diabolical mind of Vladimir Lenin.

A good example in more modern times of Western-Liberal-Ignorance is when France let Khomeini return to Iran in the late 1970s and it didn’t take long until the Shah was overthrown. According to the liberals in America (Jimmy Carter et cetera) the Ayatollah was a good moderate liberal .

Of course, we now know he set Iran on the Jihadist drive to destroy the West, especially Israel.


Remember, even in religious schools you can well be exposed to so you have to be careful!

First and foremost, think for yourself.

Ask questions and never take someone’s word for truth.

As long as I’m alive, I’ll let you know what I know.

Reaganman – Contributor



My proposal is simple.

After all my lifetime years of being a good conservative Republican we now have a situation where the conservatives win primaries and lose general elections. The leadership is a bunch of gutless bastards who have no sense of public relations. Races that should be won are lost and they don’t even have the brains to call out the fraud and tie up the election in the courts. Remember, Nixon let Kennedy win in Illinois by not pointing out the wide spread voting fraud in Chicago. He thought that he should let it all go because America was the depths of the Cold War and we simply couldn’t afford that king of infighting at the time.

Today, we have Islamic terrorism because Obama and Napolitano dismiss them as militants and now we must “understand” them. The Saudis call for war against Iran for the simple reason they want their Sunni-Wahhabi terrorism to pay for Hamas against Israel and not the traditional Iranian payment for terrorism like Hezbollah and keeping Assad in power.

Remember Obama in 2006?

He called out Bush on his heavy spending.

As our current President, he’s doubled it.

So goes the liberal Democrat hypocrisy as Jewish Democrats will still vote to confirm Hagel because Schumer gives them cover and “F” (forget?) Israel.

My proposal is simple. The Republican House should raise debt ceiling to infinity, but in same language of legislation prohibit any continuing of fiscal resolutions. Then put language in there that White House and Democrat Senate have to present a budget.

If the country goes down the drain it’s because the Republican House functioned under law.

That might be refreshing considering that the he rest of our government functions like we’re under George Orwell’s 1984 rules for liberal dictatorship.

Reaganman – Contributor


It seems odd that the government of a free people would pass secret legislation in the dark of the night.

But then, New Yorkers are not a free people.

And Andrew Cuomo is not a democrat.

He is a monarchist.

And by noon today, a secret, un-debated effort to criminalize tens of thousands of law-abiding, tax-paying New Yorkers will be in place. In the interest of his presidential ambitions and in the name of public safety, Andrew Cuomo and the coven of servile evildoers that is the state legislature have castrated the Second Amendment and enslaved the people.

Cuomo’s bid to out Hitler Obama has worked.

The people are measurably disarmed.

What George the Third could not achieve, Mario the Second has.

With no public notification or discussion, with all details of the legislation held completely secret, Andrew Cuomo has outlawed an entire class of firearms – casting a very large net over hundreds of guns he calls assault rifles.

Any firearm with a flash suppressor or a pistol grip or a collapsible stock or a flashlight mount or, in many cases, a detachable magazine, is rechristened an assault rifle and, by noon today, will be illegal to purchase in the Archduchy of New York. Those who already own such beastly devices will be required to register them with the state and may never transfer them to anyone except the state.

You can’t sell them, you can’t give them away, you can’t leave them to your kids in your will. The right to own them dies with you.

The biggest selling American rifle of the last eight years is now illegal in Cuomo’s New York. Millions of Americans own them, tens of thousands of them are manufactured annually in the state of New York, but New Yorkers are not free enough to own them.

Because the government knows best.

Even more nefarious is the magazine capacity limit, which says, one year from this date, no New Yorker can own a magazine that holds more than seven bullets. Unrealized by most is the fact that many common rifles and handguns don’t come with magazines holding fewer than 10 bullets.

Millions of American .22 rifles – the traditional firearms of children – have magazines holding 10, 14 or 18 rounds.

Grandpa’s M1 Garand, the one he used to free Europe, comes with an 8-round clip that, after 60 years of sitting in the closet, just became contraband. Ditto for home-defense shotguns, which come standard with 8-round magazines.

And the handgun of the age – the Glock – doesn’t make, for most of its firearms, magazines holding fewer than 10 rounds.

What that means is that you will able to own the gun, but not the magazine that allows it to function. You can own the gun, but you can’t make it shoot.

Details of the magazine ban are unknown, as is every part of this legislation. As this day dawns, the bill has been passed by the Vichy French of the state Senate, but its contents and text have not been made public.

That’s how the “land of the free” operates these days – at least as governed by the Emperor Cuomo.

But one of the whispered aspects of the bill is, in addition to a limit on the number of rounds in a magazine, a limit on the number of magazines a person could own – specifically, two. Whether that is two per gun, or two per gun owner, the overseer hasn’t yet found time to communicate to the field slaves.

That means that when the home invasion hits your house, the handgun you rely on to protect your family, the one designed to hold 17 rounds per magazine, will fire just 14 times, if you stop to change clips while they’re raping your wife.

If not, you better hope you never come up against more than seven rounds of trouble.

Because young Andy has decided, as the Dauphin of Albany, that you can fight for your life with seven rounds, but not eight. The criminals, whose guns and magazines are all illegal anyway, can come high capacity, but you, you are going to run out of ammo right about the time the bad guy pushes his muzzle up against your forehead.

You will be a martyr to his presidential ambitions.

And if you aren’t, your freedom certainly will be.

As New Yorkers learned last night, nothing stops Reichsleiter Cuomo.

Also rumored to be in the legislation is a provision calling for the re-issuance – and periodic re-issuance – of all pistol permits in the state. Those permits will be reissued under new statewide guidelines not yet promulgated by His Eminence the Governor.

What’s that mean?

That means that people who have lawfully owned handguns in New York must all now come hat in hand and bow before the sharia of the Hudson. If you don’t meet the standards of Kim Jung Andy, you lose your permit and you lose your guns.

All that’s been said on that count is that permits must now be issued under a uniform statewide standard. That raises the question of whose standard will become statewide?

Will it be the standard of Wayne County, where concealed-carry permits take about a month to process? Or will it be the standard of Monroe County where those same permits take as long as a year and a half to come through? Or will it be Onondaga County where you wait a year and are uniformly denied the right to carry the gun for self-defense?

Or will the new New York State standard be the standard of New York County, where no permits are issued to the general public whatsoever?

Those questions are unanswered.

Also unanswered is when the lieutenant governor – so important to the function of the state that he lives five hours away – will turn in his high-capacity magazines. A former police officer, he was known for years to carry a personal Beretta with a double stack that his political patron just made a felony.

Speaking of police officers, this law just castrated their guns, too. On duty, they can carry the high-capacity magazines all modern guns were designed to hold. Off duty, they join the citizenry in the under-gunned category. Ditto for the day they retire.

This makes it a lot easier for the bad guys. When you’re attacking an armed citizen, just count to seven, and then you’ve got him.

But wait, there’s more. The legislation also says that every purchaser of every kind of ammunition must go through a background check.

Every purchaser or every kind of ammunition.

So the night before deer season opens, when everybody remembers they need a box of shells, you better hope there’s somebody awake in Albany to answer the call from WalMart and look up your records.

A box of .22s for plinking? Background check.

A box of shells for skeet? Background check.

That creates hassle and expense, both of which will be borne by the law-abiding gun owners of New York.

But this isn’t about guns, it’s about freedom.

And last night in New York it took a staggering blow. Not just in the loss of Second Amendment rights, and a contemptuous governor who vilifies any who complain about his legislation, but in a process that bastardized representative government.

When you pass secret legislation in the dark of the night, you are not doing the people’s business, you are giving the people the business.

Right up their back end.

The concept of representative government died in New York last night, so that the governor could advance his personal ambitions.

On July 26, 1788, New York became the eleventh state to ratify the Constitution. On January 14, 2013, New York became the first state to disavow it.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

– by Bob Lonsberry © 2013

For more common sence:

In pure In moral terms, the American Indian should have had “an ultimate weapon” to kill all the white Europeans once manifest destiny took them past the Mississippi River.

In China, you have to take into account such things as their treatment of the Tibetans hearkening back to white Europeans genocide of the American Indian. The violations of every treaty; if you want to take it in pure moral terms, the Amerindian should have had an ultimate weapon to kill all the white Europeans once manifest destiny took them past the Mississippi River.

Had that happened, Europe would not have had a pressure safety valve and the revolutions and Communist and Fascist genocides would have been that much worse, so if you want to go back to basics, God never should have created the human race in the first place.

Now, the dominant Han racial stock of China can do certain things that can’t be done here because there is a Chinese sense of nationhood that (will) never exist in the West. The following expositions were impressed with the idea that the best results and empirical findings come from those with skin in the game…

That makes a lot of sense.

China is quite amazing considering the Cultural Revolution barbarism. The Chinese Han psyche was still not deformed and the millennium of seeing the world as surrounding the Middle Kingdom.

We must do our job to improve and make the Middle Kingdom greater and greater. It should overwhelm any parochial interests in the name of unity, mastery and power over all else that is in a non-exploitative and non-criminal sense the good side of Aryan ideology. The Nazis too were eugenicists, and it is in America and Europe that hypocrisy is in full flower. Margaret Sanger was the ultimate eugenicist and Planned Parenthood came to be to limit the black population. Liberalism flowered and Roe v. Wade was decided on fraudulent grounds of privacy as if it were simply each woman’s personal choice without the intervention of societal factors. Only in America can a political party rule a nation. It’s the party that that puts it’s hand on the massive solid black-vote. The other hand is on the other solid vote of all who think that the only Commandment that counts is Sandra Fluke’s contraception and abortion rights (if one time the contraception fails).




Going back in history, the imprisonment of the Japanese in the1940s was done by Roosevelt in executive orders – That bastard should have been impeached for that criminal act, but a Democratic Congress both houses wasn’t going to. Today, the Islamic world (once it gets past its interruptions to hegemony and Assad is disposed of) will have the final struggle to determine whether Iran’s Shiites are the ruling Caliphate or whether the Egyptian Brotherhood creates the alliance with Turkey. Together, they are the Sunni Maghreb that defeats the Shiites – but of course on pure demographics there is no room for a Jewish presence in the Middle East —and just look at the American Jews supporting Chuck Hagel – There is no redemption for the American Jew.

Talking about Islam is talking about an ideology that rewrites history. It came into being in the 7th Century AD and yet its propaganda would make it seem that there was no history before Muhammad and somehow or other there was no Torah, no Moses, no Israel and no Jerusalem. Nothing until Muhammad flew over with the Angel Gabriel. Today, the Christian world that has lost its soul has no ideology to counter psychotic Islam and Israel, the garrison state in a sea of enemies, is pressed to surrender the tiny bits of land that cannot accommodate its small people

Still, the liberal Democrats U.S. Jews sit in House and Senate.

Reganman – Contributor

Most are victims of the cultural lag.

Cultural lag is when at an early time of life you’ve been inculcated by parents, family, teachers, doesn’t matter that certain things are up and others down, certain things good and others bad. Over the course of time you have been programmed to believe as inculcated, but over time things change and philosophies alter and power structures alter. Good becomes bad and the reverse and up becomes down and the reverse.

These things happen slowly and clever propaganda makes it seem that it’s not even happening,

…but it is.

That way good people vote for evil still thinking it is good, and that applies to anyone, in your case not parents, but it can be family members, rabbis, teachers, parents of friends, anybody.

To make it clearer…

When I was your age say on the voting machine their would be some other parties listed, lunatic fringe leftist parties that would just put up a candidate for president or governor and get a few thousand votes and that was it. However, over time and people like the George Soros’ of that time started to spend big money on propaganda and spreading word. Now that lunatic fringe is the mainstream of the Democratic Party and it’s poised never to lose a Presidential election again because this country has been so brainwashed.

The media, in its vast majority, is evil.

In that, the majority of Jews are in the Democratic Party. Some of them are evil but most are victims of the cultural lag. So Jews can vote for Jew-haters when they are still in the fog of yesterday.

For example, we had the economic troubles because Democrats insisted that everyone should have a mortgage to buy a house with no down payment and easy terms and over time with an influx of derivatives into the investment banking section of the industry the two combined to create chaos.

That situation elected Obama and blamed Bush and the Republicans -but it was caused by the Democrats.

And those terrible shootings… In the old days, mentally unstable people could be institutionalized. Liberal Democrat ACLU lawyers made that impossible so under the various drugs for behavior that too many kids are prescribed. Some go “psycho” and Democrat privacy laws and phony adherence to constitutional standards keeps them free and their records are never put on a database because that would be an invasion of privacy. So they can kill and then what do the liberals do? – They press to do away layers of the second amendment, as Cuomo has done in New York. It will get to the point of confiscating guns.

And in that unconstitutional regard, Democrats are now the Nazis because Hitler made sure to confiscate all weapons and then when the Gestapo came for Jews and other Germans there was no way to resist.

Liberals won’t tell you that but that’s what today’s Democratic Party is all about (plus enable Iran to get the bomb and make it impossible for Israel to defend itself) – and of course they lie about it all to keep the Jewish vote in America.

Reaganman – Contributor

…and the poor Republicans don’t have ANY clue what to do!

I guess Jim DeMint just didn’t want to stay in the Senate and take the beating that’s coming when they quash the filibuster. Too bad conservatives can’t get it in their heads that the revolution has taken place.

Now Obama has four more years to consolidate his revolution for he has unlimited money from George Soros, and many millions worth more from willfully false propaganda generated by just about every newspaper in America. In addition, the television, liberal blogs and the leftist anchor people who make the Chinese Communists look rational and reasonable, also help.

After all, Red China tells us we’re spending too much money and going broke and killing our economy


Look at Ed Koch who now says Obama reneged on promise to Israel. This time is in the form of Mr. Hagel.

Well… that’s what you get Ed, for staying in Obama’s pocket for four years and refusing to see what there was to be seen and now he’s shocked –Ed, you helped elect and now re-elect Obama!

…As did every other liberal Jew from Non-Practicing to Chasidim plus all the Pro-Abortion-Catholics and Protestants who have bought into BDS. (just like the Bund of the 30s before there was even an Israel before Europe’s Jews were exterminated).

Finally, Dick Morris said something smart –

Republicans can’t play poker with Obama and Democrats. They will always lose, so only one chance – House pass legislation raising debt ceiling by 100 billion a month (my example) and that way every month make Obama and Democrats come to House for another hundred billion. Let’s face it, DeMint at Heritage, Horowitz, Gary Bauer and the other groups fighting for free speech and democracy in colleges, they can only nibble around the edges.

They can do nothing to stem the tide of gun confiscation caused by ACLU liberal democrats. The same people who exploited privacy rights that prevents mental-case people from being institutionalized. Now they can steal or obtain firearms legally to kill innocents.

What do we have now?

Hysteria about gun control by those liberal Nazis who want to disarm the people for dictatorship purposes and then prevented that real gun control is using the law to keep guns available onlyf or the psychos.

That makes sense because that helps liberals destroy America.

That’s why there have been liberals all through the twentieth century!

Now they have Obama’s voice and Soros’ money

…and the poor Republicans don’t have ANY clue what to do!

At least I’ve learned not to waste my money anymore.

Reaganman – Contributor

My checkbook will remain closed.

I just opened up an article on the Wall Street Journal website about the 2013 Gubernatorial race in Virginia between the Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor – the same debt and deficit versus social issues and immigration and it’s the old civil war all over again that kept the Senate in Democratic hands in two elections 2010 and 2012 and Virginia with the divisions voted for Obama twice and several Democratic Senate wins.

Let the record show so far this year I’ve made one Israeli related contribution to Honenu, the law firm in Israel, that represents the religious and/or nationalists in trouble with the secular Government.

The same government that sucks up to the Fatah and Hamas pressure with the command, police and judiciary blaming Jews first – the one that wonders what side the Israeli government is on.

Another donation that I’ve already made to by credit card was to FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). They fight the Red-Fascist-multicultural-academic-hatred of freedom at colleges.

That’s only if you don’t slavishly hue to the Red Marxist line that makes Americanism subversive in the liberal eyes of college presidents, administrators and deans. That’s why a college education is so swollen with expensive bureaucracies. Half of of the places should be closed down for the lousy education they provide anyway.
I’ve also given to two American Indian organizations, Soaring Eagle and Sioux Nation Relief Fund. Honestly, I have given too them almost forever.

The Republican civil war is in full stride with the Democrats and Obama guaranteed a perpetual victory. Virginia will stay Democrat and my checkbook will remain closed.

Closed until there’s a change

I may even have to retreat to the old standard deductions… You see, I’m totally fed up – I would like to get those Republican “bigshots” in a room together, lock the doors and starve them to death while beating some goddamn brains into them.


Stop being like the divided Jews who keep on fighting between religious and secular to the point where they wind up dying together!


Divided they are not strong enough to fight the enemy!

Divided we are not strong enough to fight the enemy!

Divided, Islam’s road is greased to ultimate success!


Reaganman – Contributor