To liberals and moderates…a lightning rod.

How much did 2012 cost us?

I know that Romney’s staff had that fouled up the race every day, in every way. They and he didn’t have the guts to do what was necessary.

Recently, I answered a telephone solicitation from Michele Bachmann’s people in which I politely answered with a negative.

I explained that she had no business running for President. I think that it was a touch of the ego and arrogance to even think, given the political realities that she was well aware, that the balance that the conservatives would not rally round a woman who, to liberals and moderates, is a lightning rod.

That being said, I also advised that the House is where she belonged and a Senate race would have the result of another good Conservative losing on a statewide basis.

…Especially if she is an unabashed Conservative.

Reganman – Contributor

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