I need no lessons on Conservatism.

All kinds of Democrats, from Jews and Christians who believe in God, to atheists and Communists of both religions, when it comes to supporting Barack Obama in his drive to Islamize and Sovietize America…

-they are all united.

However, when it comes to conservatives and John Boehner, it is as if there are two separate parties that function at cross-purposes. Corporations have sold out their souls for corporate welfare. Meanwhile, the so-called “Conservative media” is often rife with “liberalism-lite” and wishful-thinking. There seems to be a total failure to accept and understand that we have had four years of irreversible revolution and are going to have four more!

Look at the Senate races in 2012.

Four seats down to six lost seats – That’s the difference between Reid and McConnell as Senate Majority leader.

(I am actually proud of beating Lugar. So, we lost that seat)

I need no lessons on Conservatism.

I was 9 ½ on Thursday, April 12, 1945 when Roosevelt died in Warm Springs, GA and I’ve been fighting with my own ever since. I’ve defended Joe McCarthy, who was burned at the stake by the Red-Liberal-Democrats of his day.

John Boehner needs some ideology, guts, and an ability to enunciate a fiery proposal and program without looking like he’s going to cry.

Sure, Reagan made compromises and sometimes grievous errors. Remember his response to the Beirut Marine bombing and the limited bombing he authorized on Qaddafi. Even in his time, the fundamental culture and political center of gravity continued to go left and dependent. Today, the current unmarried women and rape exception and criminalization of Hispanic population will guarantee that Republicans will soon share the fate of the Whig Party.

If I ran the Romney campaign, he would have hammered away (metaphorically speaking) on Obama. If I ran the Romney campaign, he would be president-elect today.

I’m always willing to address CPAC.

Let them hear something intelligent based on history, politics and economics.

Instead, we just get the garbage that sounds good…

and loses.


Reaganman- Contributor

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