I thought after lighting the candles last night that it’s a pity the Lord created a worthless ideologically subversive people and gave them a covenant.

All you need to do is go to and and see the myriad ways in which the Obama Administration with the collaboration of the diseased elements of Jewish Democrats in House and Senate (and throughout the States) is in the Middle East to promote the triumph of the Jihadists.

They are helping to make the Arab Spring into the Sunni Caliphate. And, with the collaboration of the media, they do it so cleverly. They are the Soros leftist, the “Occupy” people and their money and, of course, the Jewish liberals of the mainstream. Jewish organizations should see the handwriting already on the wall for All there with the cover-ups, phony pronouncements and sleight of hand -with the intention is to do away with Israel.

The American Democrat Jew is so contemptibly a Liberal-Socialist-Ignoramus that he is assisting in the plans and plots and tricks to set in motion extermination.

And only a pathetic few Rabbis of any of the Jewish denominations possess any real knowledge or more so, the courage to sound the alarm! –

Reaganman – Contributor

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