For starters, you do not negotiate with the President under the President’s ground rules.
You do not negotiate from a defensive position misunderstanding the simple fact he and the Democrats want you and the Republicans dead. It goes back a long time. After WWII 1946 Republican 80th Congress, House 2/3 or very close to it so overrode Truman’s veto of Taft-Hartley Act. 1948 was supposed to be a walk, but Dewey Brownell ran me-too campaign like you Mr. Boehner.

Mr. Boehner you are basically a R-I-N-O, not in a derogatory sense, but in the “Let’s make a deal” sense. You always fail to see that Democrats want the opposition to surrender. Then, they make a deal and Obama is the epitome of that.

They have no intention of cutting spending.

The American public has been totally brainwashed so they vote for the party of debt, deficit, welfare state spending, and have a refusal to even consider spending cuts and entitlement reform.

Please do not purge newly elected Conservative House members who won against great odds and enunciate and believe in God and America and Right to Life. You do not suck–up to Obama and then act like a Chicago hit man with the best new Congress people the Republicans have.

A little offense and imagination is needed.

Float a proposal that Marco Rubio should be 2016 Presidential nominee, then float the thought at the time of Marco’s birth were his parents naturalized citizens of the United States. If his parents were naturalized citizens, than wonderful. If not, it means Marco cannot be a Presidential nominee because he is not a natural born citizen which means both parents being American born or naturalized citizens at the time of his birth.

That’s what should have been done with Obama in 2007 when he started to roll.

Also, we would simply like you to say:

I, John Boehner, graced by the heavens and my colleagues have become Speaker.

I can not and will not let any Administration have unrestricted right to expand the debt total without any ceiling or limit.

Of course today, Americans are taught by leftists and liberals who constantly deface and defame the constitution. They defame the reason, decency and common sense of our Founders -who abhorred debt and failure to meet and honor one’s obligations.

I cannot and will not permit our government to destroy our currency or emasculate the military.

It is shocking beyond words that millions of good Americans vote for a Party and President that seem to be on the side of Islamic triumph. The Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law is not the equivalent of American freedom of speech and religion that our people have fought, died, or have been grievously injured for all our many wars for –

The time will never come when we abandon what America stands for in favor of something else!

Mr. President, for shame!


Reaganman – Contributor



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