For those of you that are new, we would like to again welcome you to our website

For those of you that are new, we would like to again welcome you to our



Be sure to look for Reaganman – Contributor

He offers Conservative wisdom and rabbinical knowledge from a secular perspective, which can include all clergy. His knowledge of God is deep and ecumenical and he pulls no punches. That means that RC will blast anybody and everybody when it’s necessary.



Enjoy. And learn.



I was talking one day to my eldest granddaughter about education.
I outlined in detail the big problem with the government school “educated” Americans. They get a remedial education in college where they can be lied to worse than the way Goebbels took Germany. We have liberals today who do a better job at propaganda than he did. How else did Obama win? Just look at the millions of fools who have been trained to say:

“…it’s George Bush’s fault.”
“…it’s George Bush’s fault.”
“…it’s George Bush’s fault.”
“Yes we can.”

It’s a simple explanation of cultural lag and how the Jewish world too hasn’t learned a damn thing since they were afraid of Father Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh. They should have been afraid of Democrat Joe Kennedy, who was buddies with Roosevelt when he was Ambassador to the Court of Saint James. He was one who would wax poetic about Hitler.

Never forget the term cultural lag.

It means that something that at one point was good, becomes evil. This is how I explained it …

Say you’re a kid and grandpa knows everything you think and he tells you stuff and he dies. Twenty years go by and you still think about good guys and bad guys as grandpa told you even though he’s long dead and things have exponentially changed to the reverse. Now you have to change your thinking in order to be correct in the present… twenty years later.

Of course the here and now I always warn you about is horribly true and it’s terrible.

I wish I were crazy and wrong

Unfortunately, I’m 100 percent correct.

More’s the pity.



Reaganman – Contributor


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