Destroy the middle class through taxation

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Coming: ‘$3 trillion tax increase on middle class’

Norquist: Dems offer distractions before making demands for ‘serious revenue

Got to give them credit. In the article, Grover Norquist laid it all out. All the noise about tax the rich is to get folks conditioned to the mantra that the Republicans protect the rich at everyone else’s expense. They know full well if you confiscated all the wealth in America and didn’t cut spending and entitlements country would still be runaway train to bankruptcy.

So Norquist says that the three-card Monte and Democrat ambition is coming in the forms of energy (carbon) tax and VAT (value added tax). That’s how they destroyed the middle class in Europe.

Okay, now it’s my turn…

Historically that’s the ultimate aim of the Marxist Socialists and Social Democrats. It’s the flavor of the month subversion in the Democratic Party. Whether it’s Jewish or Catholic or Protestant, male or female, gay or straight – the Democrat aim is to push class struggle, class hatred, for the meaningful end.

First, hating the rich, and then, hating middle class, small business, and job creators. Obama’s hate is for America and the ultimate Democratic aim (which Roosevelt only started) is to destroy the middle class through taxation (carbon and VAT). Then, you reintroduce the Government as the Communist owner.

It’s a condominium of big government as big business. It was in Hitler’s Germany and Franco’s Spain and we see in today in Red China.

By voting Democrat we are surely destroying freedom, God, and every concept which Americans have lived for and by for these two hundred plus years.

Remember, The United States, saved the world twice from German aggression, and then saved the world from Communist conquest –

It would be well if we stopped the appeasement of hegemonic Islam which is no different than Nazism or Communism in its drive to rule the earth and make non-Muslims slaves.

We’ll see…

There should be no Republican surrender –

If folks continue to buy the Democrat line that they deserve to spend the next fifty years in today’s equivalent of Stalinist dictatorship, for shorn of the Liberal Media’s weasel words is all it is.

Reaganman – Contributor

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