Going to make our grandchildren slaves of the state

Whether talking foreign policy, the survival of Israel, or the “fiscal cliff,” Conservative think tanks like The Heritage Foundation must understand that they really do not understand the mind of the left.

President Obama is a man of the left and is a hard Saul Alinsky Socialist who has hatred of capitalism. In foreign affairs, he is as an Islamic sympathizer -the current version of a leftist. In the past, the bulk of leftist liberals were communist sympathizers – that means a Soviet victory chorus.

The  Conservatives and Republicans are ignorant and think that it’s politics as usual. They don’t understand that these people wan to create a European Socialist state with single payer system and the remnants of the private sector existing completely at the sufferance of the State. Republicans will continue to lose as ever. This will be due to the increasing numbers of voters who will grow ever dependent on the state. There is no fear of rampant inflation – they have it in Iran, and in Kirchner’s Argentina. And then there’s Venezuela… where Chavez is happy with his role as Hezbollah’s proxy in America. He’s waiting to target the U.S. with weapons just as soon as they are supplied to him.

But -Americans will vote Democrat.

If Susan Rice is nominated, Republicans will cave again and approve her. They have a deathly fear of being called names by the left media types.

I have yet to hear people say and realize that this garbage is going to make our grandchildren slaves of the state like Russia, Germany, and China…

…and I don’t like it!

Don’t give in!

They have to remember that this “fiscal cliff” takes time and there’s still leverage! The House can refuse to vote an increase in the debt limit! -Not until there are real spending cuts and entitlement reforms to cut the burden!

We need to shout it to the rooftops! The criminal activities of Democrat Socialists are lusting for the death of America.

Reaganman- Contributor


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