No wake up call yet…

I read a cogent analysis of why the American Jew and Black are the most loyal of Democrats.

It seems that great progress was being made post-Roosevelt (another story by itself) and Reagan was doing very well. However, it seems that he got too close to the Evangelical Christian Right.

The American Jew is afraid of the fantasy that they all want to convert us.

That is the illegitimate and ridiculous basis on which the moron Ph.D. candidates of the Jewish world think. They have decided that Obama, Susan Rice and Jesse Jackson (big time Israel settlement and security haters that they are) are perceived as less of a threat than people like Gary Bauer and Christians United for Israel and Jerusalem Prayer Team who have feet on the ground helping out in Israel.

Meanwhile, Obama and Rice break bread with Jihadists in the White House and to the American Jew, that’s fine and good.

At the time, it made better logical sense for Roosevelt to run the war according to Joe Stalin’s wishes. After all, they were fighting the same enemy. Likewise, there is no excuse for the American Jew to denounce and ignore the only Christians who are on their side. The Protestant Left Wing is BDS and the Catholic Church, as an institution, doesn’t defend their own across the world being attacked and killed by Moslems. That said, you can’t expect much up them when it come s to supporting Israel.

No wake up call yet…

… not until this administration has its way and finally gets rid of Israel.


Reaganman – Contributor

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