Monday, 19 Nov 2012

James Zogby: History Ignored Lessons in Gaza

By James Zogby

In response to James Zogby’s column on Newsmax website… He criticized both sides for the Gaza / Israel mess and making it seem as:

While rockets are not nice, Israel’s targeted assassinations causes it all and harangues the U.S. Congress for being pro-Israel and messing up Obama’s foreign policy –

Good leftist Arab propaganda.

I answered (which too few Jews do) as follows:


in paraphrase:
There is no Arab Palestine. Way back then it was a group of pagan peoples. Abraham got the word for monotheism, long later after slavery in Egypt as seen in the Bible, under Moses’ fulfillment of the Covenant – They conquered the land, Palestine is Jewish Bible land. Christians, and then Moslems stole it, but it’s Jewish land.
And today’s Arabs and Moslems will never say Jews have a right to anything except to be dead.

And That’s why I curse and excoriate and the worthless politically liberal Democrat Jew who sucks up to Obama and says screw Israel.

How many of the Rabbis do that too?

Reaganman  – Contributor


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