The reason is ideology

No more twinkies. No more ding-dongs, or cupcakes. Hostess Corp. has closed up shop, firing 18,500 workers. They declared chapter 11 bankruptcy for the third time and asked the union to accept an 8% pay cut. The union refused. It meant that if the average employee was making $50,000 per year they would have to settle for $46,000 per year. Now, they’ll get $0.00 per year.

The reason is ideology. As unions grow they get arrogant and socialist and the gimme mentality overcomes reason.  As visible today with Trumka and SEIU. It becomes the welfare mentality, fostered by a leftist radical Democratic Party, that thinks like Lenin and Stalin did.

And, that is Obama’s mentality.
And, just look at the Democratic women- Especially the newly elected to House and Senate. They are so hard left and so sick in their thinking that any word of opposition to Susan Rice is labled racist and sexist.

No, it is that she is in the Obama-Valerie-Jarrett mindset of hateful ideology. It is the mindset that makes it impossible for Arabs and Muslim Brotherhood to do anything but strive forever (or, until the end of time) that Israel and every Jew in the world must be dead. The dumb fools in the Western World ( including Jewish Democrats ) don’t understand because they all want to stay stupid or harbor the same antisemitism.

Reaganman – Contributor

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